Recent terrorist dry runs on the airlines?

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    Oct 10, 2013 5:23 PM GMT
    Southbeach, since you're a pilot, are you hearing anything about this?

    "The pilots say the most recent dry-run occurred on Flight 1880 on September 2. The flight left Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. and headed to Orlando International.

    Crew members say that shortly after takeoff, a group of four "Middle Eastern" men caused a commotion.

    The witnesses claim one of the men ran from his seat in coach, toward the flight deck door. He made a hard left and entered the forward bathroom "for a considerable length of time."

    While he was in there, the other three men proceeded to move about the cabin, changing seats, opening overhead bins, and "generally making a scene." They appeared to be trying to occupy and distract the flight attendants.

    The 10 News Investigators contacted both US Airways and the Transportation Security Administration both confirmed the incident. US Airways says it won't discuss the details of security measures, but that it works closely with authorities"

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    Oct 12, 2013 9:42 PM GMT
    It sounds like everything a dry run shouldn't be, so I very much doubt it was one. The purpose of a dry run would be to subtly gather information on the plane's layout, the routine of the crew and other useful intelligence.

    The more active (i.e. obvious) aspects of the plan would be rehearsed on the ground.