Being a "man"

  • Oct 13, 2013 7:20 PM GMT
    Why do so many of us think that we are less of a man because of the urge to be with a man? an try to beef it up in our swagger,it's funny growing up I was look at as a sensitive and caring kid, but the world that we made for ourselves has made a big change in my childhood to adulthood, im far from that kid I use to be, an to be real I hate that in order for me to survive I had to be D-boy, a term know as ratchet now, we cut down any man that is "feminine" an to be real most gay guys are, it that filling of wanting to make love or have sex with a man that's feminine because a woman is the only object a man should wont. So putting a label on a man is stupid when at the end of the day you both want the same thing whether it be a masculine or feminine man, my thing is think before you speck, we are all on the same team men. im a masculine guy but chill with some out people, so sometimes we just need to live and let live with the motto to each his own to be there self. I hope I didn't get to off subject with what I had to say, let me know your thoughts.
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    Oct 13, 2013 8:22 PM GMT
    I think being gay makes me feel more like a man.