Okay so I met this guy through Grindr, we talked, and had pretty nice conversations. We were both looking for just friends, and were open to stuff. We met, had an good time together, we both are obsessed with Americas next top model, and have a decent amount in common, def a great friend. We have met each other over 5 times now, and each time has been great. But I somehow get the feeling, that he may be interested, but I cant fully tell, especially after last night. I mean we always talk about gay guys, and how we both want boyfriends, and how all gay guys suck, we always go on grindr in front of each other, but something tells me, he is interested. He invited me for a sleepover, and we watch pitch perfect. This was our seventh time meeting, and we have never ever done anything sexual, but we were drinking wine, and watching movies, but we were becomming cuddly, and we ended up having sex, making out, oral, and all that, and it felt good, and everything is cool between us, were normal when we woke up. I am just confused as to what this means, like I like this guy, but I dont know if he just wants to be friends or not, i dont wanna ruin the friendship. We both are pretty attractive, 6 feet guys, and have similar goals. I have known him for over a month, and this thursday was the first time we ever did anything sexual