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    Oct 14, 2013 11:46 PM GMT
    With my final tests to be a paramedic coming in November, I've decided to get more serious about my workouts, both to have the job easier and well, let's not hide it, fill in the uniform. I've also found more motivation when I saw my older brother growing a beer belly and my sister have rounder edges this weekend.

    So, after a little bit of research for a workout at home with the tools I have, I decided to try this workout

    While I find it lacks abdominals, I'll eventually add some. I'm hoping to improve namely my chest and arms first and foremost, and I'm not sure how if those will be enough. Tips are welcome. I've also grown more careful about my protein and calory intake lately, but I'm well aware that there is still room for improvements.

    And here, as a final motivation for me I create this thread to keep track of tips and improvements.

    Day 1 of the workout:


    (Also, I need to work on my talent of taking selfies.)
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    Oct 17, 2013 4:02 AM GMT
    I use fitocracy to track my workouts. It is a social networking site for fitness freaks. On fitocracy can log your workouts (the site can track your performance and provide basic stats on your exercise), stalk fellow gymrats/cardio bunnies, join groups of similar interests (yes there is a realjock group on fitocracy, but it is pretty quiet... and tons of gay groups as well) and like facemess, you can post status updates, comments and selfies!