Just read the hyperbole and psychotic language of this idiot. I swear, he's an unofficial member of the Greens Party.

Of those who do not know what this is all about; Burnside is a repeat whiner (I know TroyAthlete is going to call me that icon_cool.gif) about illegal immigrants.

Oh yeah, I said it. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

To call the Coalition a hard right government is ridiculous. The sanctimonious and horrendous arrogance of thinking that he is the almighty thinker of the time to speak to the future is palpable. The bitter, hating and plain stupidity of what he is saying about how 'poor' unions were being hard done by is pretty indicative to the level of his intelligence.

He even says; "The Coalition won the election. Australia lost." Um, helloooo! Who the fuck voted the Coalition in?!

So he sees Australians as stupid people. You wanna know how I got to that conclusion? He believes that those who voted as a conservative or someone of the right is a complete idiot who don't know what's good for them. All 47% of the population of Australia.

So I know this was a bit indirect, but I had to post to share icon_razz.gif I got this from Tim Blair's blog. He has a surprisingly noticeable international attention in his readership;

Please discuss the stupid...I don't know if he's Socialist, Totalitarian or Anarchist icon_razz.gif Pick the one you think he falls into! Have fun ;)

...And no fucking swearing or calling each names, bitches icon_cool.gif