Illegal Immigrants

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    Oct 17, 2013 3:09 AM GMT
    You read it right, folks. Illegal Immigrants. That's what they are. but certain people think otherwise. In fact, certain people think people like myself aren't the real people. They think someone like me is a monster. An evil creature who would willingly murder and maim 'innocent asylum seekers'.

    Check this blog post by Andrew Bolt out. There's another link that sends you to the original insanity that he's commenting on. I swear, The Age is just pure crazy. It's the passage that includes: "a stream of sustained vilification"

    Boas (crazy person) is just another Watermelon. No, not food for black people, although if you could eat them so they disappeared that would be good too ;) He's a Watermelon because he's a Greenie on the outside, 'fighting' (bitching) for the 'undertrodden' (usually illegal immigrants and parasitic people of society) but really, underneath of it all.

    He's a Red wearing Communist. In other words: A batshit insane idiot.

    I thought you'd all like something interesting to read if you're bored icon_smile.gif
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    Oct 17, 2013 11:14 PM GMT
    I must admit it is an incredibly good thing to be away from all of the illegal immigration that has turned America onto its current course. Regardless of your political view, illegal immigration is rapidly shifting demographics in the U.S., so much so that I think it will yield a country that cannot support itself, much less influence global economics or politics.

    What is unfortunate is the effect on those who do not choose to support illegal immigration or suffer its consequences. That is the consequence of the greed liberals express that they so often throw as fact towards those who are productive and not dependent on government. Most who would prefer to escape the onslaught of liberalism as it moves America into Socialism will not be able to do so, unless of course war boils up and cleans the slate.
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    Oct 18, 2013 12:08 AM GMT
    Aristoshark saidSpeaking of batshit insane, I couldn't make head nor tail of your psychotic rant.

    Then you need to learn to read
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    Oct 19, 2013 11:21 AM GMT
    Sone said
    Aristoshark said
    Sone said
    Aristoshark saidSpeaking of batshit insane, I couldn't make head nor tail of your psychotic rant.

    He's saying that we have a nanny state and illegals are pouring in and feeding from it. He is also saying that those who do not support it are suffering.
    He suggests that the only way to fix it would be for a civil/world war to destroy everything so we can start from zero.

    So you truly missed out on some delicious text tea.
    Oh and PN, try telling CJ to write better, like actually writing from the Late English period or later.

    Oh, I knew he was babbling about something, he always does. I assume it has something to do with Australia, about which I give not one single fuck.

    You know we still have a quality of life, that many Americans once thought they had. But illegal immigration is sucking us dry, and making the true refugees in camps, suffer even longer.

    Thats what CJ said.
    I honestly have no idea what the OP said other than Im pretty certain that he has said something offensive.