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    Nov 27, 2008 10:09 PM GMT
    What is a health weight range for a medium built person at approximately 5'8"? I currently weigh about 212 lbs. As far as short term goals, I would like to be at 170 lbs. Long term, I would like to weigh about 150 lbs. I've had some people tell me that is too skinny and I would probably be malnourished. Although I've seen taller people that weigh less and they look healthy. Either they are mostly muscle, or everyone's body chemistry is different? What's the deal?

    Is there a reasonable and healthy target to shoot for that can easily be defined, or does a person just have to see as they go?
  • cowboyupnorth

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    Nov 28, 2008 4:53 AM GMT
    look up your BMI score you want to be under 25. I am 5'11" when I am running and lifting weights I was 163 and looked really good. at 180 I look ok and that is my weight now, but I am not toned as you can see in my pic. If I lifted a lot more 180 could look great I just am not that type of lifter.
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    Nov 28, 2008 4:54 AM GMT
    I'm your weight, and I weight 140 or so. People tell me I'm too skinny. You might want to shoot for 160
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    Nov 28, 2008 8:24 AM GMT
    BMI is bunk. I have a BMI of 30. I'm hardly obsese. BMI doesn't work on fit people, and is bad, at best. It's probably about the worst indicator for weight loss / weight gain stuff.

    I'm 5'5" and weighed 175 at 12% in HIGH SCHOOL. I can't imagine you under 180. Much less than that, you'll look anorexic.

    Main thing is you want to gain lean muscle mass which will make it easier to manage your weight, increase your basal metabolic rate as you grow older, and protect your bones, as well. I.e., resistance training is critical to long-term success.

    About 2 pounds a week lost would be good, but if you workout, your bodyfat percentage will drop pretty much no matter what if you don't eat trashy.

    Remember to eat enough so as not to encounter the famine response and metabolic slowing. If you starve, your body will slow to a crawl, metabolically, and your body will become a muscle-buring / fat-storing machine. That's why so many fat folks fail in repeated diet attempts: they simple fail to "fuel the furnace."

    A good part of your routine should be HIIT 3 or 4 times a week too.

    The idea is to make leaner, but, keep your body healthy and strong, by using metabolic activation rather than starvation. It works. Eat.
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    Nov 28, 2008 10:58 AM GMT
    Thanks for all the advice guys. icon_biggrin.gif I'm starting up my brisk walking again after being sick with a respiratory infection (NOT FUN!!!). I would also love to start running, but seeing as both my parents have bad knees (whether it is genetic or not I don't know), I may need to stay away from that.

    But the advice is really helpful.
  • adventuresam

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    Nov 29, 2008 8:57 AM GMT
    I wouldn't focus so much on the weight and BMI, etc. but rather on how you feel with your body. Set goals for yourself and keep the challenge going to keep taking it to the next level. This is a powerful method to always be motivated. icon_smile.gif