workout regime... any advice?

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    Nov 29, 2008 3:23 AM GMT
    Hey Guys...

    This website has a lot of useful information..... I love it! icon_smile.gif I am pretty new to the gym (joined about a month ago) worked with a personal trainer for a little bit but damn they are expensive. icon_smile.gif

    This is how my regime looks like:

    Monday: Chest, Back, Abs ( I do the Chest Press 2 X 12-15, Chest Fly 2 X 2-15 50lbs..)

    Wednesday: Legs and Obliques ( 2 X 12-15 - Leg Press, Leg Extension with 70lbs)

    Friday: Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps (2 X 12-15 70lb for shoulders 40lb for Biceps)

    My question to you guys since I am pretty new:

    - Should I up / lower the weight?

    - How much should I increase my protein intake?

    - How much cardio should I do? I am at 10.11% BF 152lbs don't wanna be losing any weight?


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    Nov 29, 2008 3:28 AM GMT
    Realjock has lots of info...
  • TmanAveen

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    Nov 30, 2008 1:59 PM GMT
    well bstmk, I'll try to answer from my experience
    - Should I up / lower the weight?
    First you should determine what is your 100% per exercise.My way of doing that is going 3x8, with 1 minute pause in between, on a relatively (for you) high weight. You should be able to do the first and second 8, but the third time you will be able to do a maximum of 6. The process will take you a few days and this should give you your 100%, you then train usually on 80% weight.

    - How much should I increase my protein intake?
    how much do you take now? you should reach about 80-100gr a day if your muscles eat it (so if you train hard). 180-200gr chicken has about 40 gr in it, the same for tuna. if you'll eat egg, vegetables cheese and other low protein foods regularly, you will normally add 20-30gr per day. you have to take 30-40gr as supplement then.
    btw, don't take it all at once, the body need a few hours to work it in, don't take your shake with your chicken, do them on different hours of the day.

    - How much cardio should I do?
    don't do cardio then, or do it for about 20 min. on cardiovescular (as oppose to fat burn) before weight training. That should burn your carbs and help you tear muscle tissue (important if you wanna grow)...

    If you are new to this, don't work to hard and remember it takes time to see results, so take a pic of you now, and check it up after 3-4 months... and enjoy yourself, get a trainbud if you can, that helps...

    PS. I'm European, sorry for the grams thing...
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    Nov 30, 2008 3:27 PM GMT
    Your body will tell you if you should raise the weight or not. If on the first set you can't even do all your reps with strict form then that's a sign that you should lower the weight. If by the last set you can't even do half of the planned reps with proper form then you should consider setting your weight at a lower level. If you only fall short of your goal on your last set by say 2 or 3 reps that's not too bad unless 2 or 3 reps was what you were trying for lol. If on the last set you could have cranked out an easy 3+ more with good form then you should increasing your weight. If you are overshooting your goal on your last set you aren't challenging yourself enough.

    Just about every article I've ever read in Muscle and Fitness recommend 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of carbs per lbs of body weight in order to maintain your current weight. If your goal is to put on weight then you would eat more carbs and pro. So if you weigh 152 and want to weigh 160 then eat 160 grams of pro/ carbs a day. The principal is the same if you are trying to lose weight. If you weight 152 and want to get down to 145 then you would consume 145 grams of pro/ carbs a day.

    As far as cardio you should be fine with 3 30min sessions a week. Whatever form of cardio your enjoy.

    Good luck man.
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    Dec 01, 2008 9:12 AM GMT
    maybe off subject.... but isn't a regime speaking more about government or something? wouldn't it be more like a workout routine?