Hey everyone. Gay marriage has come to the Australian Capital Territory today.

While this would be something I would be very supportive of, and by concept, sure, I am. However, its birth may not be so permanent and the nature of how it has been brought to the table in an underhanded way that they most likely know would cause constitutional problems.

Basically, since marriage is a federal thing in Australia, states can't change it themselves. Because the ACT is a territory though, the Labor/Green government has sought to exploit that loop hole. In a few months, it's going to the High Court to get deliberated as the Federal Coalition has deemed it to be inconsistent to the constitution for the previously mentioned reason of states making other rules for themselves.

Now, of course, the Lefties are screaming that the Coalition are just evil mean people. But it's not down to personal opposition to gay marriage, even though many gay marriage is accepted by only a few in the Coalition, it comes down to the consistency of laws in the country.

Just thought I might let you guys know icon_smile.gif