***more calories/fat/carbs to gain muscles VS getting fat in tummy area***

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    Oct 27, 2013 10:41 AM GMT
    ***more calories/fat/carbs to gain muscles VS getting fat in tummy area***

    could someone give me some advices on what to do and explain me one thing please

    I am slim, work out 4-5 times a week, 5-6 hours in total, wanna have slim nice tummy and big muscles on chest.

    someone told me that I have to eat more fat, carbs for muscles on the chest, but if I add more calories to my diet calories and fat will got straight into tummy fat?

    I noticed I eat 1600 calories and when I added 400-600 extra to my diet I started to get fat around tummy and no progress in chest muscles, plus I work out abs 3-4 times a week 30 minutes each time and as u see on the pic no progress

    to top up my diet /calories I eat peanuts, almonds, or 1 bagel before work outs

    thanks for any advice

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    Oct 27, 2013 12:41 PM GMT
    Hi Peter

    If the calorie and protein intake are adequate and the workouts are too, there could also be a 'timing' issue.

    During your workouts, what kind of weights are you lifting, low reps, heavy?

    Are you mixing up your workouts, or at least changing them every 3-4 weeks so your muscles don't adapt to the lifts you're doing?

    Nutritionally, I tend to eat meat protein for breakfast, steak, chicken, turkey etc and a handful of nuts, some omega 3 rich fish oil before lifting.

    During the workout, I sip some branch chain amino acids in water. Generally I work out for around 45-60 minutes per session, 6 times a week.

    My workouts tend to be intense lifting sessions, switching between low reps heavy weights to improve muscle mass to workouts with higher reps for fat burning, sometimes combining both.

    I always have a meal with around 40g protein immediately after a workout (within 15-30 minutes), and do my best to manage stress so my body remains in an anabolic (muscle building state)

    I have small amounts of bcaa's during the day to try and keep the anabolic 'window' open and eat meals with protein in them at roughly 2 hour intervals.

    Generally speaking if you're gaining abdominal fat, your calorie intake is higher than your metabolism requires; although unless you've been through a 7-12 point caliper body fat measurement, I wouldnt say that its necessarily fat.

    You could try swinging your balance toward protein, reducing carbs and fat but NOT eliminating them...

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    Oct 27, 2013 12:57 PM GMT
    You need to pay attention to 4 things:

    - Glycemic index of the food you eat
    - The time you eat
    - How often you eat
    - How much you eat

    It's not just calories, it's the quality of the calories you're consuming. You can have a 100Kcal spoon of sugar, 100Kcal olive oil and 100Kcal of a casein scoop. The metabolism of each will be different. It's one thing to have 100Kcal available to you in 5minutes, it's completely different to have 100Kcal available to you in 7 hours. Do your research on glycemic index and how protein and fat influence the GI of a meal.

    You can eat simple carbs, but preferably around your training. Throughout the day, you should prefer complex carbs. I eat protein in every meal I take. Some of my meals are almost entirely made of fat (a handful of cashew nuts or almonds). Needless to say you shouldn't be drinking any soda, ice cream, bagels and other such crap. Your peanuts should be unsalted, unsweetened, just raw peanuts.

    You need to know your basal metabolic rate so that you can estimate how many calories you will need throughout the day. My basal metabolic rate is 2200Kcal, which means that if I lay on the bed doing nothing for 24h my consumption will be 2200Kcal. My current consumption (with a surplus) is 5000Kcal. A dietitian can measure your basal metabolic rate.

    I too suffered this fat problem a few years ago but a dietitian has managed to solve my diet problems for good. I really recommend you to go to a sports dietitian because diet can become very complicated when you need to lose fat and gain mass at the same time.