My last sexual experience...............XD

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    Oct 28, 2013 12:12 PM GMT
    Hey so i just had sex and with my best friend out of the country for med school i had to deal with gossiping about the details via email. XD. He said he loved it so i figured i'd share the lols somewhere else too...... ;)

    Here it is......XD

    Subject: Sooooo.

    "So i just had sex, ending the over a year long celibacy and it wasn't pleasant to say the least, but lets go into the deets.

    I met the dude on adam4adam, we had been messaging for a while, almost hooked up once but had to bail cos his sister came back home early. This time tho there weren't any distractions, during sex at least.

    It started out with me deciding that i wanted to get fucked after getting frustrated with my chronic wankers' claw. I messaged the guy on a4a and asked if he wanted to hookup, he's 5'6" which is pretty short for me though, but after he unlocked his pics i realized that he was packing a couple more inches. ;)
    From there we went on to hash out the details of when and where. He didn't want me to come to his place so he gave me his sisters address which wasn't far from school for us to meet up there. I was like ok, but then asked if he had condoms and lube over there. (i've been reading way too many articles on hiv statistics btw). He said he didn't and i shouldn't bother coming since he couldn't get any, but since i was as horny as a cat in heat i said i'd buy some condoms along the way. XD.

    Notice at this point that i have never bought condoms b4, lol. So i was faced with the awkward and terrifying plight of having to walk into a convenience store, pick up a pack of condoms, take em over to the counter and then swipe my card for the purchase, all the while avoiding eye contact like the plague. My heart was beating as i pulled up into the valero store but thankfully, it wasn't half as awkward as i expected, maybe cos the convenient store was empty, save me and the counter guy, or maybe because counter guy didn't give me the knowing glance as i presented what i wanted to buy to him...... you know, the one where you just know he's thinking "so this one is planning to get some huh?".

    Newaiz, with the not so embarrassing first try at buying condoms, i went back into my car and proceeded to drive in the direction of my next shag. I followed the directions to his house and eventual arrived there where to my dismay I found that the guy wasn't there. This was a hell of a lot more awkward and fear inducing as there were neighboring children playing about who were being chaperoned by parents. The black parents were giving me the once over wondering what i was doing there as i was obviously having a hard time figuring out which apartment the guy i was coming to ride was staying in. The number was 168 but the place was kinda confusing so it took me a while to find it. By the time i got there the black woman stopped me saying that no one was at home cos the car of the lady who lived there wasn't around. My heart jumped as i remembered that this was actually the dude's sisters house; i was now also scared of being considered a burglar. Luckily i was saved by the black dad who suggested maybe someone else was at the door and that i should go ahead and knock. I knocked for five minutes until i couldn't take the obvious stares of the two black parents eyeing me from afar, twas then i turned back, got into my car and left, blue balled and pissed.

    Fortunately,......... or unfortunately, the dude texted me as i was heading back home that he stepped out to go the the store and i should head back. I eventually did and we met up and then walked into the abode.

    I proceeded to drop trou and we started off by me giving him a bj; It was kinda hot actually. Soon enough he was fully erect and went ahead to enter me. Ironically it didn't start of painful and was almost pleasant at the beginning. However he kept riding me on and on and on, and at various instances asked me to yell louder, which i had no problem doing. XD.

    I knew it was going to be painful but i thought i'd enjoy it at least a little. The last time i actually enjoyed anal sex was in secondary school and now I'm starting to question if i really did or maybe I've forgotten i didn't since it was such a long time a go. The night ended with neither of us climaxing. I farted unconsciously during sex, it might have been some trapped air that made the sex so painful, regardless, soon after that, i pulled out completely and we agreed to call it a day since he had to leave soon anyway. I admit i did feel a lil disappointed that i didn't make him cum at least. I'm guessing from the way he kept asking me to yell louder he might be someone who needs a bit more mental stimulation to cum.

    Newaiz, I got out and drove back home with a sore bum to lay in my tub and hose myself off, swearing that i'd never have anal again. That was bout 2 hours ago, but might give it another shot now. XD.
    I have come to the conclusion though that i need to actually like the person i'm having sex with. mindless humping isn't fun at all. As gay as it sounds, cuddling and kissing are more important.

    But alas, here my story comes to an end. You asked for a long email and boy i guess you got it, if you've read till here know i love you and miss you terribly."

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    Nov 18, 2013 6:09 AM GMT
    my last time was a few days before this deployment, I ended up bumping into this guy at the mall, we were about to go see a movie, but we had a while to go, so we just wandered around the mall talking.

    after a while we both were getting the same idea, so when the movie started, we sucked eachothers dick for a bit, and he was j/o while sucking mine and came.

    After the movie, we ended up getting a room near base, so we hit the tub and start making out more, we then took it to the bed and i fucked him for a good hour and he came again. After a while of relaxing and watching tv, he mounts me and rides me for another hour or so, and he cums again. The we hit the sack and cuddled all night. the worst part is i never manged to cum in him the whole 3 hours we were fucking.

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    Nov 18, 2013 8:25 AM GMT
    My last sexual experience was not all that sensual as it was raw. I and a friend of mine were rather horny and so we met up after work. I decided to spice up the scene by wearing my leather collar and chain and my leather hand restraints as he picked me up and pounded me in every position to get his cock as deep inside me as possible. In the air, on the bed, up against the wall. Finally after a long hard session my friend became weary and we flip flopped as I fucked this person a whole foot higher than me, going as far as fisting till he regained his strength to finish up the job and fucking wildly till finally he came.
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    Nov 20, 2013 6:21 AM GMT
    i slept in an i made him belgian waffles while he did all his yard (his house) then he came inside to eat. we did some errands at the mall. when we came home he took me upstairs an said the waffles were awesome and now came my reward.

    he waggled his big cock in front of me and i downed it to the balls. i love swallowing his cock, it makes me hard and he knows it. he rolled me over and jumped up and down on my crotch over the sheets like a maniac and said "you want to fuck me dont you?"

    I rolled him over and ran my hard cock up his crack and said right now too. i grabbed a condom, lubed his ass and shoved it in with his legs on my shoulders (he doesnt like finger warmups. he didnt need to come so he just made me pound him as hard as i could til i filled the rubber. It had been a couple days since i jacked off so it was good.

    then we set up his xmas tree and decorated the house like good little