Hello Realjock Forums,
I come to you in search for help. I've been slowly loosing weight for the past 3 years, I used to weight 15 stone and have come down to 14St on the dot, I've done this through eating healthier and cutting certain things out of my diet. However I'm sure how to continue this as for the past couple of months I've lapsed and got out of the routine of going to the gym and focusing on comfort foods as I've just moved into University. As I've moved to university I've got to cook my own foods and I'm not on my parents diet of food, which is pretty healthy. I do an active retail job usually working 24 Hours a week, and when I do go to the gym I do high intensity interval training, however I've completely got out of the routine of doing so.

So my question to you Realjock forums is how, on a student budget, can anyone help me create a healthy meal plan that will aid in my continuing effort of loosing weight and gradually change my lifestyle to that of a more active one in the middle of Manchester. Plus help me understand all the jargon that is weight loss and nutrition.