Quote Provided by Bart Ehrman:
2 Cor. 5:1: “For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”

And this is one of the major problems with Paul: he does not know what the human aura is. Like dimensions of existence that are not adjacent volumes but intersecting volumes, when volume 1 (the incarnate body) dies, some part of volume 2 (the human aura survives). Infinite Mind by Dr. Valerie V. Hunt discusses this matter.

Valerie V. Hunt is research scientist, author, lecturer and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at UCLA.
She continued her research abroad with analysis of ritualistic healing and mystical beliefs in the Orient, South America, Africa and the Pacific Islands. Dr. Hunt has consulted for NASA, served with the US Department of Health, Education & Welfare, taught courses in 20 medical colleges and universities, held professorates at the University of Iowa, Columbia University and U.C.L.A., and is an honored listee in the Marquis Who’s Who lists for America (American Women) and the World (Education, Medicine and Healthcare, and Science and Engineering).
A popular author and coveted public speaker, she maintains a full calendar of writing, lecturing and interviews in addition to her continued commitment to advancing research as Director of the BioEnergy Fields Foundation.

Apparently, this aura is part of the energy field body in Heaven. It can take on various appearances in the afterlife. If a person is greeting a newly crossed-over person, they may take on an appearance that was from the 1970s instead of how they looked in 2005 when they died at an older age.

Paul’s resurrection body concept has been advanced over the past 2000 years. Paul could not write in his letters about the human aura or about the human BioEnergy Field. So, be careful about old spiritual science that is outdated.

Dr. Ehrman says he cares about the misuse of the Bible. I can see a Holy Bible having humility: do not use me if you have something better. There’s a verse where Jesus said, you will do greater than I. John 14: 12. So, surely we will do greater than Paul. So, I’d be careful about using 2 Cor. 5: 1 thinking there hasn’t been advancements in the study of the human energy field / entity / aura that survives the death of one or more of its incarnation bodies.

I’m not aware of Paul having an Near Death Experience. Paul probably was not put under hypnosis for past life regression. However, there are many case studies and books written about these things. Journey of the Souls speaks of life between lives. Michael Newton has his case studies and his students have their case studies.

While there is textual criticism of the New Testament, there are also other fields that are through with their analyses of the New Testament’s spiritual claims.