A "New" Kind of Relationship

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    Nov 02, 2013 11:48 PM GMT
    I've always assumed a married couple would live together. Here are two examples where married couples lived apart:

    Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt


    I know it's an accepted consensus FDR cheated on Eleanor with his secretaries Lucy Mercer, then Missy LeHand. Eleanor was apparently bisexual or a lesbian. In the beginning of her marriage she had a strong ideal of what marriage was and apparently offered him a divorce, when Eleanor first discovered the betrayal via love letters. After Eleanor begins to surround herself with progressive woman (who were political activists) she started to become more independent and eventually tolerated FDR's affairs. FDR supported Eleanor's independence, even building her a cottage. She named her cottage Val-Kil and was able to live freely.

    "The greatest thing I have learned is how good it is to come home again." Eleanor Roosevelt

    They ultimately had a partnership that supported and elevated one another.

    Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera


    I learned Frida was bisexual and apparently her marriage to Diego Rivera wasn't the best.

    "He [Diego Rivera] gave her many insights about her artwork while still leaving her space to explore herself." -Unfortunately Wiki was the easiest way to sum up a relationship, that I'm not overly familiar with.

    I would argue this space provided a vacuum to draw creativity from.

    I believe this was after their 2nd marriage, they apparently divorced and eventually remarried:

    "Their living quarters were often separate, although sometimes adjacent." -Again, unfortunately Wiki is the easiest way to sum up a relationship, that I'm not overly familiar with.

    I haven't been in many relationships, but I tend to be too empathetic when I'm around someone all the time; at the risk of losing my "self" if that makes sense.

    I think I've always had the ideal of finding a life long partner and living together. I'm not sure how I'd feel about an open relationship, but the idea of having the option to live separately or together, intrigues me.

    Any thoughts or other couples that live this way?
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    Nov 03, 2013 12:07 AM GMT
    I found this from: http://www.fridakahlofans.com/biocomplete.html

    "...Upon their return they move into a new double studio-house in San Angel designed and built for them by Juan O'Gorman. The house consisted of two separate structures and each side consisted of a studio and living quarters...one side for Frida and the other larger side for Diego. The two structures were joined on the top level by a foot bridge. Frida devoted most of her time to decorating her new abode although she did find time to finish the painting she started in New York: "My Dress Hangs There"."

    Sources from this website (apparently Mike is Frida's biggest fan; to create such a website):

    This site was created for information and educational purposes only. It is not for profit and financed solely by its creator. If you have any questions or comments regarding this site, email me (Mike).

    A special thanks to the authors of the many
    wonderful Kahlo books used in the research of
    material for this website:
    Hayden Herrera, Martha Zamora, Andrea Kettenmann,
    Terri Hardin, Luis-Martín Lozano, Raquel Tibol,
    Frank Milner, Salomon Grimberg and of course,
    Frida Kahlo herself for her very personal
    letters and diary.