Just started going to the pool about a month ago. My first day was pretty rough, with a rude middle-aged lady being rude, but since then it's been pretty positive. Even better, I think I might actually have a good body type for swimming (long torso and short legs).

It's also great counterbalance to climbing - climbing is usually pulling and a fair amount of chest. Swimming is mostly pushing, strengthens my neck for the long belays, and uses my back.

I'm an endurance kind of guy, so my standard time in the pool goes like this:
- Swim for a mile+ (I started with 35 laps and have been increasing it one lap each time to 41)
- Kickboard (4 x 25 yards, with 1 regular (50 yard) lap between each time). I have a weak-ass kick, which is weird because I'm a distance runner, so I'm working on it.
- A couple laps of backstroke if I have the lane to myself.
- Then swim several more laps, striving for good form. I usually end up with about 55 laps for the day total.

I took some lessons in school so I have gotten some pointers about good form that I'm trying to keep in mind. But never did I expect for this to be so FUN. It helps that I have a nice outdoor pool to go to.

That's all. Just wanted to share that I'm totally hooked.icon_biggrin.gif