Owner of Palm Springs Gay-Popular Theater Loves Bachmann, Alan West, and supported Prop 8

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    Nov 06, 2013 6:42 AM GMT
    Owner of Palm Springs Gay-Popular Theater Loves Bachmann, Alan West, and supported Prop 8

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    Nov 11, 2013 11:07 PM GMT
    Something tells me you don't approve of this.
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    Nov 13, 2013 5:37 PM GMT
    A little about the Supple philanthropists:


    Palm Springs Life (November 2008 )Ric explains their mission: ”We want to be a repository for good ideas, a conduit for promoting culture and education. Now we’re, ‘broad brush,’ a public benefit corporation.

    A second venture proved their innate skill at partnering with local groups. February’s Festival of Native Film and Culture, presented in association with the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, provided a forum for celebrating indigenous culture through filmmaking. Other new events included a Student Film Festival in April, the Palm Springs Book Festival in May, and the Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in July.

    Original Nov. 2 article by Roger Tansey, via local newspaper editorial:


    Roger Tansey (via Palm Springs Desert Sun)How would you feel about supporting Michele Bachmann? Maybe you’d like to give cash to Bob Barr, the congressman who wrote the Defense of Marriage Act? Or maybe you would have preferred to donate to Proposition 8, the successful proposition that took away gay marriage in 2008? Of course, you could always support what John Boehner is currently doing in Congress.

    Well, if you’ve ever attended a film at the Camelot, you already have! That’s because Mrs. Supple, owner of the Camelot, is happy to take your progressive dollars and give them to right-wing, homophobic politicians.


    QueertyAnd it gets worse: According to attorney Robert Tansey, who dug through Supple’s donation records, she was more than a little sneaky about how she donated to Prop 8. Initially, she listed the money as coming via her homeowner’s association. The record was only corrected after the association received a large volume of complaints, Tansey reports.

    Here's Mrs. Supple having second thoughts, a few days AFTER the already-publicly available disclosures got in the local paper:


    Palm Springs Desert Sun“I can tell you specifically that I am not a fan of either the tea party or the religious right, and that I have been struggling for quite a while with the fact that my efforts to support fiscal responsibility in government have been clouded by these other issues,” Supple said in her letter.

    “As a result of that struggle, and because of these recent attempts to paint me as someone I am not, I have decided that I will no longer contribute to any political entity that does not embrace equal rights for all Americans.

    The next day, Tansey accepts her forgiveness, and asks community to give Supple the "benefit of the doubt."


    Palm Springs Desert SunThank you for your gracious response. Enjoying the Camelot as I do, it was with great sadness that I discovered your political contributions, contributions that struck at the very community which the Camelot serves. For many of us, such issues as marriage equality are not just political, they relate instead to the essence of our being, our right to love who we love. Giving money to our enemies, over many years, is for us not a peripheral side show — it is fundamental.

    As a fiscally conservative, socially liberal, former Republican, I, too, struggled with leaving the Republican Party, although the party made that decision for me many years ago. I do understand your quandary.

    Change is never easy and Palm Springs has certainly changed through the years. It is a different city and a different demographic and I appreciate your willingness to change with it. I thank you for pledging to only support those who support marriage equality.