Things that make us gay guys undatable

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    Nov 07, 2013 4:55 AM GMT
    Hey Jocks,
    I love reading the post about dating and relationships here on realjock. I noticed a lot of the post focus on outside influences. Like would you date a guy who is a or Flat broke, older, younger, short, tall, fat, bearish, librarian, policeman, fireman, djay, psychic, rodeo clown, dancer, actor, singer, Black, White, Asian, Latino, Jewish, catholic , scientologist, queen, masc, fem, pornstar. Yet I never see post about working on ourselves besides just working out. So I looked up what makes gay guys undatable I found nothing I guess gays don’t date these days. So I sorted thur the straight sites and found some stuff that I know applies to a lot of us gay guys including me. Here is what I found….

    1.Flirting too much. Head constantly moving when a sexy guy enters the room. Being too touchy on the first meeting. This also means your on a lot of hook-up sites. Don’t think for a moment if you have met someone online they have not shown your pics to their friends and had a discussion about you.

    2. Lying. Once you tell a lie and get caught everything you say will come with doubt. If you feel you need to lie your not being true to yourself.

    3.Mircomanaging (my problem) telling people how to live their lives. Being bossy is my big problem. Luckliy I’m learning to talk it out. If what they do bothers you that much say something. If it does not change move on, or learn to live with it.

    4. Jealousy. Thinking he is cheating, going thur his cellphone, worried because he didn’t text u after 10 mins. Thinking he’s gonna leave you. Just relax no reason to feel that way. Especially if he hasn’t told you that he loves you.

    5. Married to work. If your very busy at work how could you have time for a relationship. You are already married to your job.

    6. Bossy friends. If you are partying with your friends too much and all your friends are single it makes it harder to be in a relationship mode.

    7.Addicted to______________. Addicted to something like drugs, alcohol,sex,shopping, or anything that pulls all your time away leaving you no time for that someone special.

    8. Very self conscious. Being gay we are very aware of people and how the perceive us. If we think we are unworthy we will settle for less than what we really want and in the end will be unhappy. Think about the type of guy youlike. Now ask yourself do you reflect those qualities. Once you do you’ll find what you been looking for.

    9.Not being considerate. Nobody wants a cheap date, or a guy who is only trying to please himself. Stop being so selfish and give alittle.

    10. No good housekeeping skills. Jocks, if your gonna invite a guy to your home make sure your place is clean. Nobody wants to live with a slob or a bottom with a dirty hole. If you want to make a good impression clean that shit up.

    11. Dress to caress. I was looking at my clothes back when the hipster thing was big and I had to ask myself. Who the hell am I trying to attract with this outfit on? I surely did not know. So look around and see what guys you like what are they wearing. Throw away that shirt that makes you look fat, self-conscious,or looks like it’s been washed a million times. Stop trying to salvage life is too short look your best.

    12. (Most important) Do you have any deep conversations? If your gonna grow old with someone superficial things fade very fast.

    I know I’ll get shit for this post but I believe this topic is very important and we need to talk about it more and stop living in the illusion.
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    Nov 07, 2013 5:14 AM GMT
    How in the hell did he ever get me?

    He's all though things.
    -well almost all; for the record, you can never flirt too much.

    Is divorce legal in Texas yet?
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    Nov 07, 2013 5:16 AM GMT
    thebearerofbadnews saidfirst off... your thread title needs some correcting.

    things that make us you undateable.

    speak for yourself. you don't speak for all of us. you certainly ain't speaking for me because i'm not dating anybody or looking for anybody right now and comfortable with being single. if you have a problem finding somebody, fine but what's with all this talk as if gay men all have the same problem or are all on that struggle boat.

    i can tell you one problem that YOU have that you probably didn't notice that i noticed from the jump. you can't keep it real with yourself.

    Your right we don't. We don't all want the same things and we all don't care for each other. Just because we are both gay doesn't mean we have to agree on everything. Obviously this post is not meant for you. My apologies.