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    Nov 11, 2013 9:00 PM GMT
    I haven't really looked to see what stretching software is available for my Android tablet or phone. But I've come up with my own recipe which, of course, I rather like.

    It's a combination of a Kindle Touch, which is conveniently small, Calibre, Pivot Animator, and having a way to create an html file.

    Calibre is a program for managing ebooks on your ebook reader. I suspect it works with any ebook reader known to mankind.

    Pivot Animator is for making stick figures. I found it by doing a google search for stick figure programs.

    I create html files by hand (Notepad); if you're not html savvy there's probably some software you can use.

    With Calibre, you import the html file, then have it convert it into an ebook format (e.g., MOBI), then upload it to your ebook reader.

    The html h1 tags start a new page so I use one for each stretch to put it on its own page. With the h1 tag I specify the name of the stretch. I also put a stick figure on the page to give me a visual clue in case the name isn't obvious enough. You can put other explanatory text on the page as well.

    Here's my html file:

    Within the first h1 tag is an 'a' tag with name="page1" that creates an anchor that can be jumped to from anywhere else in the ebook. The link to jump to it is on the last page where there's an 'a' tag with an href="...". That way you don't have to page back to the first page or use the ebook reader's go to thing when you next do your stretches.

    Links for Calibre and Pivot Animator.
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    Nov 11, 2013 9:12 PM GMT
    In theory this should also work with any ebook reader for your phone (or tablet) but I haven't tried that. It also wasn't obvious to me where to put the ebook on my tablet that had the kindle reader installed on it. Amazon has something where you can email an ebook to your kindle/kindle reader software which I also didn't try.