Confused in my relationship

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    Nov 12, 2013 8:39 AM GMT
    Hi Guys, I'm not very experienced so I hope you can give me some piece of advice.

    We've been dating with my boyfriend for about a year and for the last two months we went through a serious crisis. At first, I noticed that his passion for me had faded, I thaught I didn't attrack him very much any more and later I discovered that he'd cheated on me. Although it was a hard time for both of us, we realized that we wanted to stay together and I thought I loved him.

    When we discussed the issues of our relationship, one of the things he pointed out was that I'd been too commited to him, that he would like me to flirt with other guys, that he wanted less certainty in our relationship. I understood his point and admitted some mistakes I'd done but I couldn't imagine doing anything like that since he was the only one for me and I was not in a mood to do anything with other guys, especially when I relly missed the passion from him.

    And now the problem comes. After some period of pressure from his side I realized that I would have to be less dependant on him, that it was the only way to get rid of the frustrassion. And by coincidence, I attended a party few days ago where I met a guy. We were just chatting till the morning and I experienced again the romance which I'd been missing with my boyfriend for a long time. Finally, I had to tell the guy that I had a boyfriend... He was (no wonder) disappointed and kinda angry. I thought it was all. But now I still have to think about him. I cannot get him out of my head.. But I feel that I want to be with my boyfriend, especially now, when the things are slowly getting better and we both work hard on our relationship..

    I am totally confused now and don't know what to do... What would you guys do? Thanks for your comments.icon_smile.gif

    BTW Sorry for my english I am not an english speaker.
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    Nov 12, 2013 3:29 PM GMT
    Czech Republic??
    imagine it's hard to find one guy, so of course you'd want to work on the relationship.
    Reads to me, boyfriend want's to make sure your dick is the one he wants for the rest of his life--gave you an out; see what else is out there, but have a fall back guy if there really is no one with more girth.
    Communication is key, as always. He wants and open relationship? say cool and call the other guy up, let him know the deal.