When and Why did you begin?

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    Sep 17, 2007 8:22 PM GMT
    I was always a guy who did something, though for much of my life I was heavyset (contrary to popular belief, some fat people are a bit active). In 2002, I decided to get serious about working out and nutrition and the results are what you see today. (I've also became a vegetarian, non-smoker, and (mostly) non-drinker since then.)

    Why did some of you begin working out? What or who inspired you to get fit? Have you been doing it for years and years or is it a recent development? I'm always curious when I see people working out as to what got them off their asses and out there in the field.

    Any feedback appreciated guys!
  • MikemikeMike

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    Sep 17, 2007 8:43 PM GMT
    At 26 I was tired of being the skinny guy. Now at 5'11 174 30w. Happy about the way I look in and out. No one in particular inspired me, just going to the beach and feeling like I have to take my shirt off!

    Now I can't keep it on. hahahaha
  • MSUBioNerd

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    Sep 17, 2007 9:04 PM GMT
    I started out a bit over 2 years ago with the idea of getting better posture--sitting up straight for long periods of time hurt my back, and I was sick of people doubting my height because I slouched. Once I was going to the gym anyway, I decided I might as well work on the rest of me. I liked both how it began to make me look, and how certain normal parts of life (like taking my groceries in from the car) got easier, and so I've kept it up.
  • GQjock

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    Sep 17, 2007 9:40 PM GMT
    Before adolescence I was a little porker...
    sorry for the non-PC description, but I was
    but I became pretty active after that and lost all the weight
    then after college when I came out and saw that all the hot bodied guys basically got a permanent get out of jail free card...I said, Sign me up!
    and started hittin the gym regularly

    ...but I'm still waitin for that dam card tho :(
  • zakariahzol

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    Sep 17, 2007 9:43 PM GMT
    I think I post this before. I did it for health reason. I develop all kinda health problem and my doctor advise me to lost weight. Of course , I always wanted to but just dont have the will power to do it. I just love food to much. It a real constant struggle to keep myself motivated.
    But I am happy with the result eventhough personally I can be better. There why I just love Real Jock, the jock here are well shape, fitness oriented and indirectly push me to be like one of them.
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    Sep 17, 2007 10:02 PM GMT
    I am probably the weirdo in the room.

    Always been very athletic and fitness oriented, even as a kid. Swimming, sailing, canoeing & kayaking, surfing, baseball & softball, Football, wrestling, field sports, hiking, campi8ng, whatever...

    I triple lettered in HS and College. When they kicked my ass out of College after 2 years I went into the Army, and then the Rangers.

    It has always been important to me to be... ready... for whatever wild thing it was that I wanted to do.

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    Sep 17, 2007 10:10 PM GMT
    growing up, in HS...i always had a great body...naturally athletic...the girls dug me...i didnt do anything...then when I got into the work force after college...my roomate was a runner...and he got me hooked on physical fitness...i joined a gym to get some muscle mass which i added easily....and the rest is history....

    Now... I do it to stay strong....ward of aging...I just enjoy it!!! And I like the way I look in clothes...sorry...thats the vain part of me. Your body is an accessory....Does that sound gay or what? LOL
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    Sep 17, 2007 10:12 PM GMT
    I started working out years ago, but off and on. Then as I got older I didn't like having skinney legs, no butt, no abs, a nice chest, and that midlife belly. So I got serious and have never looked back. I'm happy with my progress, i'm never affraid to take off my shirt, and I catch guys checking me out all the time, which makes it all worth it. Not to mention how good I feel, health wise. Plus I feel I owe it to other people to be a good inspiration and to all gay men to show how good you can and should look.
  • art_smass

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    Sep 17, 2007 10:28 PM GMT
    I grew up during that headband-crazy, 80s fitness boom when it was fashionable to do group exercise classes and hang out in gyms. Back then we all smoked while on the treadmill, too. I'm kidding! Treadmills weren't invented yet.

    I wasn't all that good at competitive sports because it brought out the most obnoxious side of my personality. My sisters were in dance, and I always wondered why my parents didn't put me in dance. When I was eighteen or so, I went to an aerobics class and discovered that I was very good at it. Like most homosexuals, I could keep a beat. I became certified to teach group fitness soon after that, and then I became a trainer.

    Since then I've kept up various certifications. I've also taken several university fitness and wellness courses just for fun. I enjoy the physical activity, the visible results, and eating like a pig.

    It's kind of funny that I started because it was fashionable. Being a slave to the trends doesn't usually end in a success story.
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    Sep 17, 2007 10:35 PM GMT
    One day I looked at my image in a mirror and I did not like what I saw...a guy in his forty getting fat like his father!

    So I decided to do something about it and it was the best decision I have ever made!!!!!

    I changed my eating habits and i began to go to the local gym...it made wonders for my body and my self-esteem.

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    Sep 17, 2007 11:21 PM GMT
    I started working out when I was 33. I wanted a man who had a decent body and I figured he would want the same. Why should I expect a man with definition to give his body to me, if I didnt reciprocate.

    I had been skinny all my life so I had to work at putting on muscle. I remember how I used to make home-made egg nog to fuel my bod.

    Ah...to be 33 again! hahahahaha
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    Sep 18, 2007 1:54 AM GMT
    I was a really scrawny kid until I was a sohpomore in college. The idea of working out never crossed my mind until the summer after my freshman year. But I didn't do it to necessarily look or feel better. It was because it was the first time I truly considered my brother (we're close in age) to be a friend and this is what we decided to do together. It could have been anything, but it happened to be weightlifting. He suggested it. Little did I know how much 12 weeks can change one's physique, especially at that age. When I got back to school that fall people were like "holy crap".
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    Sep 18, 2007 1:55 AM GMT
    ...I was very intimidated by gyms prior to that summer. Soon enough I realized that everyone is doing their own thing for very different reasons and the gym should never be a place for judgement or insecurity.
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    Sep 18, 2007 3:03 AM GMT
    My doctor told me to lose weight... though I was only about 10 pounds overweight.
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    Sep 18, 2007 3:27 AM GMT
    I was just chatting with someone about this and was going to post the same question .. oh well.

    I started lifting weights to get stronger. Working on cars when I was growing up always seemed to take more strength than I had. One day I was taking the head off of an inline 6 (ford engine) and could hardly budge it. A varsity football playing buddy of mine snatched it off the block like a paper-weight. So I made plans with him to join a gym. I have been going ever since (with maybe one 6 month break at most). That was almost 25 years ago.

    I guess I have continued for many reasons. In fact, just before my grandmother died (at 93 after a gallbladder removal), I went to visit her in the hospital. I had just come from the gym and was in my gym clothes. She asked where I had been and I told her the gym. She said, "Good .. Son don't ever let yourself get in such shape as I am!" She was somewhat arthritic but a very tough lady.

    I love being active and don't plan on stopping till I absolutely have too!
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    Sep 18, 2007 3:31 AM GMT
    I started working out when I was 15, for sports in highschool.

    I continued working out in college because I got into modeling.

    Now I work out for vanity.

    In another 10-20 years, I'll be working out for my health.


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    Sep 18, 2007 3:40 AM GMT
    I was always chubby but bloated up when I went to college. I also always had a thick chest (for my size) without working out, so people kept telling me that I should work out. Eventually those two things got me to try it to see what it's like. Ever since I've been addicted. It makes me feel great during the day, helps me sleep at night (was restless as shit before) and I look better and feel healthier, so I stuck with it.
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    Sep 18, 2007 3:48 AM GMT
    Always did on and off until I got more consistent my sophomore year of college.
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    Sep 18, 2007 4:26 AM GMT
    Hmm well I started "working out" my freshman year of college. But before than I had always been active and with sports and other activities. I was and still am surrounded with a group of friends that stay fit (a couple of them continued on to college level sports) so I always felt motivated to "keep up" with the rest of the crowd. So with that being said I attribute my start towards fitness to my friends, but also to society haha so that if I ever find a guy that has a good body, he can never say that's one part of me he doesn't like. It always rubbed me the wrong way when people who weren't as physically fit as others would look at the people with good bodies and say, "They're just shallow they'd never look at me b/c I'm fat or too skinny" I always thought, who are you to have such high standards and to call these people shallow, but also EXPECT the people who do take care of themselves to lower their own standards? Anyway I've rambled on long enough.
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    Sep 18, 2007 5:11 AM GMT

    Well, I've gotten quite serious about strength training as of late. I commenced my regimen some three months ago when I joined 24 Hour Fitness in June. But this all really started about 5 years ago in 2002.

    Growing up I was always quite heavy set. At 18 years of age I got to my heaviest: nearly 190 lbs. Mind you, I stand at 5'5", so that kind of weight on my small frame made me appear rather rotund. I reached a point where it no longer made any sense to me to continue my excessive eating habits. The culprit was boredom. I did it because literally I did not seek out anything better to do. But then I did. I started taking long walks, went hiking and even became a camp counselor for the YMCA. These kinds of activities, along with a modified diet, helped me shed around 50 lbs. in about a year. It felt great and I kept the pounds off for the next 4 years.

    This past year I upped the cardio and modified the diet some more and managed to shed another 20 lbs. The only mistake I made was not strength training at all. At 120 lbs I was nice and slim but not defined at all. I was "skinny fat"! I didn't want that. That's why I decided to join 24 Hour Fitness.

    I've made some gains since then and I'm happier with my appearance. I'm starting to see muscles on my body I never were there in the first place! It makes me smile such a big smile. It isn't about being slim anymore, but about being healthy and strong and RIPPED (I'm not gonna lie...)!

    I'm grateful to have found this site. It's awesome to know this community is here to help in my endeavors along the way!

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    Sep 18, 2007 5:28 AM GMT
    I was always pretty skinny, and fairly weak... so a little over a year ago I picked up a membership to the campus rec at work.

    Went there off and on until five months ago, when I really started to push myself. Who'd have though that the harder you work in the gym, the more results you're going to see? LOL.

    And now I can't imagine ever being without a membership. Going more then a few days without a good solid workout leaves me depressed, groggy, and totally drained.
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    Sep 18, 2007 5:32 AM GMT
    I competed with my brothers since I can remember 8,9years old I figure-hockey, baseball-carried these into highschool, then university. I studied Phys & Health Education(KInesiology today)cause I wanted to be a teacher.
    So there wasn't a why, it's what I did and today I still enjoy the competitiveness and comraderie of hockey, and other sports training-ie lifting weights(just part the fitness picture).
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    Sep 18, 2007 5:46 AM GMT
    I really started getting serious about it last fall. In high school I played sports, but I never went to the weight room or anything, so I wasn't serious about working out.

    Last fall while working on campaigns, however, I got myself a membership to the Y in Indianapolis and started going on a regular basis. I didn't really know what I was doing, but at least I was getting regular exercise.

    Then, at the beginning of this summer I found this site and the great training programs and I've been going strong ever since. I did it for a couple reasons, the main one of which I've posted already, but I'll post again.

    I absolutely love to do extreme hiking. Whether it be in the dead of winter in avalanche prone mountains or the middle of summer in gorgeous deserts, I love to get out there and be places lots of people never get to go. During college I had gotten to the point where I really couldn't do the hiking that I loved anymore because I would get winded so easily. So, once I graduated I started working out more. I'm finally getting back to the point where I can do really hardcore hiking again, and I'm planning a trip this winter to do just that.

    The other reason is that I've always had really, really bad self-image problems. I've always been self-conscious when it comes to my body, and I'm just so tired of that so I'm finally doing something to change that. If I want a hot man with a good body, then I should damn well be up to putting out the effort to get myself a hot body as well. If I'm going to have standards, I should be able to reach them.
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    Sep 18, 2007 7:23 AM GMT
    Wasn't really into fitness until my junior year of college. Local bus system went on strike for 10 weeks and I had no way to get to school, so I started riding my bicycle to school. I lived at the bottom of the hill and I worked at the top of the hill at school, so I rode 5 days a week up hill about 5 or 6 miles. My campus was hilly and I rode across campus to each class as well. Ever since then I have been cycling and working out at the gym because the gym was always on the way home. Needless to say I lost 15 pounds in the first quarter which lead people to believe I had stopped eating. Don't know how that could be when I worked in a kitchen...I just ate wiser.

    The other reason behind staying fit is due to the lovely health history my family has bestowed upon me. I feel I won the genetic lottery. My grandfather had two heart attacks, my dad had a heart attack at 49, high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. I will do whatever I can to help prevent any of that occurring to me.
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    Sep 18, 2007 12:00 PM GMT
    As my profile explains, my mother put me in a gym when I was five years old. It was literally her idea of daycare. Wrestling -- my uncle was wrestling coach at Temple -- was a great incentive to stay in the gym after my testicles descended. All that exhibitionistic frottage.

    I never associated working out with sexual attraction. When I was finishing one of my degrees, I was unable to get to the gym much and I ate more than I ran or lifted. I got about 15 lbs overweight and it was only then that I realized my entire raison d'etre in gay life was dependent upon my gym presence.

    My relationship with the gym remains conflicted. It's a lot more effective than an anti-depressant in regulating mood. It's mainly good for my health. It keeps me presentable even as I descend into Alzheimer's. But sometimes I look around the gym and see dozens of men moving heavy weight across short distances or running in place on a treadmill and it seems almost surreal.