RealJock Christian Author and Playwright Responds to Dr. Bart Ehrman on What Jesus Got Wrong

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    Nov 15, 2013 10:25 AM GMT
    Bart Ehrman: What Jesus got wrong, in my (former) opinion, was the [date of the apocalypse and the new kingdom of the Son of Man, a kingdom of justice and righteousness]. That apocalyptic message was the message that despite the horrible state of things here on earth, despite all the misery, pain, and suffering, ultimately, God was in control. God was finally sovereign. And God would eventually set right all that was wrong. It may not be next Thursday. It may not be in my lifetime. But eventually, God would assert himself.

    Steefen: Jesus’s proclamation was a product of a time when the field of Astrology had not advanced enough. Yes, there were priests in Egypt and probably in Israel who knew (as the Epic of Gilgamesh records) that the Age of Taurus turned into the Age of Aries. Then they knew that the Age of Aries was turning into the Age of Pisces, as we, today, know the Age of Pisces is turning into the Age of Aquarius. (In Reza Aslan’s book Zealot, he mentions that the Holy of Holies had a depiction of the Zodiac.) Surely, Jesus was familiar with Jewish Astrology (there was a Synagogue with a mosaic of the zodiac on the floor in Palestine).

    Today, there are wonderful books on Mundane Astrology: Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas; Mundane Astrology: An Introduction to the Astrology of Nations and Groups by Michael Baigent, Nicholas Campion, and Charles Harvey, to name two.

    Jesus was wrong because the field of Astrology did not inform him that his glorious government required help from Solar System Heaven. Does Venus trine/sextile Saturn in a time range that has no end?

    Translate this delineation of Venus Trine Saturn from the personal to the character of a government–Jesus’ ideal government:

    “You feel a strong sense of responsibility to the ones you love, and this is so natural to you that it is second nature. Generally, you exercise caution and good judgment in your relationships with others, and you are understanding when others are in need. You pride yourself on being responsible and trustworthy, and you do whatever you can to compromise when necessary. Perhaps because of the training of your youth, you are well-disciplined and can focus your efforts quite effectively in order to achieve success. Even though you will climb your way to the top of your own ladder, you will not hesitate to offer a hand up to others you meet along the way. This quality is one of the main reasons for your success–your sensitivity to the needs of others.

    You are a good parent and will be a benevolent disciplinarian. You expect your children to learn to respect others and to be conscious of needs other than their own. Instead of trying to mold them into being a carbon copy of yourself, you will encourage your children to develop their own individuality.”

    Why did I choose a good Venus aspect? I did so because the government/kingdom of the Son of Man was one of justice and righteousness. In Astrology Libra’s planet is Venus and Libra is blind Justice. We could also have looked at Venus Trine Sun. We could also have looked at Venus trine Jupiter as Pisces’ planet is/was Jupiter before modern Astrology associated Neptune with Pisces/Age of Pisces.

    Jesus’ Ideal Kingdom of the Son of Man was a misleading promise that was impossible by the social science of Mundane Astrology. However, if our governments (United Nations included) and corporations were born again so that our country’s astrological chart had Venus Trine Saturn, Venus Trine Jupiter, or Venus Trine Sun, we’d have some glory of a kingdom of Christ.

    The U.S. DOES have Venus Trine Moon:
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    Nov 16, 2013 4:57 PM GMT
    Surely, Jesus was familiar with Jewish Astrology (there was a Synagogue with a mosaic of the zodiac on the floor in Palestine).

    Surely, Jesus was familiar with Jewish Astrology because of the zodiac in the Holy of Holies but also because of a Synagogue with a mosaic of the zodiac on the floor in Palestine.

    In his spiritual development, he would have wondered how Daniel supposedly surpassed the astrologers of Babylon.

    The powers of Nostradamus are different from the powers of Astrology. One who has visions of the future are utilizing a human phenomenon that is different from being adept with Astrology.

    Gotta Run; and, I have to check responses to Bart Ehrman's blog and new posts Bart has made.