part of a wrestling story I wrote for a 7 foot tall young skinny guy from Brazil who also has a foot fetish. he is 24 years old, very good looking. I meet him online.

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    Nov 21, 2013 2:31 AM GMT
    Bruno, I wanted to talk to you about our wrestling match. This is how I see it.

    Bruno steps onto my wrestling mat barefoot. He is so tall, over 7 foot! He is good looking, skinny with a light muscular build. I Look at him head to toe and like what I see. His large bare feet stop walking as he lays down on the mat near me to stretch out, we are both bare four and bare chested, wearing only shirts. We both stretch out.
    I teach Bruno some cool Jiu-Jitsu wrestling moves. I let him work them on me to make sure he has them right. I teach him the rare naked choke or sleeper hold with s body triangle from the back, I show him how to get out if it. I also teach him the arm bar from dude mount, and how to get out of that. I keep thinking to myself, Bruno is such a tall good looking guy.

    I flex my chest muscles on Bruno a little as I flexed a wrestling move, he liked it and smiled.
    "Okay let's wrestle " ! Bruno says. "I want to wrestle until I am to tired to wrestle any more, we will wrestle for hours"!

    "Let's start on our knees my talk friend" I tell Bruno , "you are so tall, I do not want to slam you so we can wrestle" Bruno smiles and goes down to his knee, one foot is on the mat we both are like that, one knee down , one knee up so we can move fast.

    Bruno and I move in toward each otherworldly use our arms to start to push each other, I am more muscularly built and stronger than Bruno is, I keep pushing forward until Bruno falls backward. Soon I am pinning Bruno's back on the wrestling mat, he feels my chest muscles flex on top of his smooth skinned chest, then I quickly grab his left arm, sit up and back quick and make him tap and submit to me by using his free large hand to tap out on my left leg. " I am not done with you yet" I tease Bruno as I relax the arm bar, he steps tapping, then I pull back on his arm that I kept a hold of. raise my hips a little and make Bruno tap again. I do that several times, "I am going to bully you Bruno" I say, Bruno says,"bring it" I wrestle on top of Bruno holding his arm, as I sit up and into Bruno, as I press the back I'd his large arm against his chest. I turn Bruno slightly on his right dude, I wrap my arms around his neck fir a chick as I continue to press Bruno's left arm against his own throat to complete the choke, Bruno Taps out. I then Kay back with Bruno's left arm in an arm bar again, I do not tap him out but keep the arm bar tight. I keep my shin of my right legs pressed against Bruno"s left side to keep him licked and pinned down. I place my good looking left foot and place it firmly on the left side of My tall opponent's head. Bruno try's to wrestle out of it but he can not move. " I own you tall buddy" I taunt Bruno and slowly crank the arm bar, I do not make him tap, but I just work the punishing arm bar to make my talk good looking Brazilian jobber grimace in pain and discomfort from time to time. Then I relax my grip, Bruno grin's then I crank it and he grimaces. I start to rub my bare foot on the side of his head. Then I place my foot on his face and mouth ."like my foot" I order him to do, "no!" He says. I crank the arm bar to make Bruno submit, Bruno taps his submission but I do not let go, I keep cranking the arm bar and say," like my foot if you want me to stop!@" Bruno slaps his large bare feet on the mat but he is going no where, he keeps taping , then he says, "okay", Bruno turns his head toward me and I feel his warm tongue glide across the bottom of my foot as he likes it. I relax the arm bar, but keep it firm, not as tight as before. Bruno smells and Keri's liking my foot, near my sole and up to my toes too, " that feels so good" I tell him. He Keeps licking my foot.
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    Nov 25, 2013 2:18 PM GMT
    I also have written a hot wrestling story a good looking, skinny 19 year old wrestler wanted me to write for him, parts if it get erotic. If interested, I will e-mail it to you. Please let me know.