I am wondering, if you like to have multiple sexual partners do you consider your needs? Or do you just want to embrace (euphemism) your fellow man and have at it? Or if you want to have a committed long term relationship, why do you want to commit yourself to just one man? That is surely more selfish than having multiple sexual partners because you are sharing one man among other people. Monogamy is rare. To have one guy for only yourself is selfish. Very selfish. However, at what point is it risky to have many sexual partners? You are attractive and you want to show that. So attractive men are more likely to be more sexual (yes?) At what stage do we say, "Stop. I need to look within myself and think about what I want in life. I want a stable relationship with just one man." Is having sex with more than one man pleasurable enough? What happens if you LIKE one man and you want him all for yourself? Then he cheats on you, unfaithfully, behind your back. Your trust in him is gone.

Are promiscuous men afraid of commitment because they are afraid of being cheated on? But that is ok. As long as you declare yourself you want an OPEN relationship, you want to sleep with other men, then that is fine. You communicated and you want to sleep with other men and he agrees, that is acceptable.

Sex is good. As long as you wear a condom and you play safe, have many sexual partners as you want and need.