My boyfriend and I have been together for over two years now. He is in his late 20s and I am in my 'earlies'. Our relationship is great, we have similar life goals, plans to have children one day, we communicate a lot, we bicker sometimes, but we rarely fight and we love each other. However there is a problem - we have different points of view towards sex. He is very monogamous and I am pseudo-monogamous. I came out to myself when I was 18 years old and I met him when I was 20. So I didn't whore around as much, therefore I have some sexual curiosities that I would like experiment. I am not really turned on by the idea of an open relationship but I would be interested in something semi-open or something that would allow me to explore more about my curiosities(I guess it's still open relationship). We have tried a threesome before (he couldn't really get hard during it and I didn't really enjoy it that much anyway), but I was fine for a while; I didn't have a lot of sex dreams or fantasied about other guys, in fact I appreciated him more than before. For me emotional attachment means more than physical so if he wanted to explore I would be understanding as long as I had my share of him and I knew he still loved me. But for him this subject is very touchy and that's why I reprimanded myself and don't really talk about it anymore. How do you think we should handle this? Do you think these urges I have will go away with time?

PS: Our sex is great, but wearing the same shoe everyday to me can get boring.

Thank you!