Made myself look cheap

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    Dec 01, 2013 4:43 AM GMT
    A month ago I met this friend of a friend at a party; he's new to the country and befriended my friend (strictly platonic) through Grindr. We hung out with the group about 2-3 more times since then.

    The guy's only 19, but growing up in Greece made him really mature and badass. The most pretty AND masculine bottom ever. He knows he's hot and gets away with stuff like taking drinks right out of random people's hands, and extreme wingman skills that managed to get some of our uglier friends to make out with hot guys at clubs.

    My friends, who are used to my pickiness, somehow noticed my attraction and teased saying "go for him, he wants you". I denied it, rationalizing that he's too tall for me to top, a smoker, and too gangster for LTR material... the latter is really the only deciding factor, but the other reason is that I assumed I had no chance even if I just wanted to have a fling.

    Last week while walking home with my friends, another friend suggested that the guy "crash" at my place since he lives kinda far away; but I literally ran home under the guise of drunkenness to avoid temptation!

    Last night while at a club with friends, he was more flirtatious than usual, and finally made a move on me saying that he wanted to do it the first time he met me but thought I was too intimidating (LOL). I told him I found him cute too, but when he leaned in to kiss I pushed him away, leaving him perplexed for answers, and I couldn't explain my conflict (whether to begin what is doomed to be a physical and brief fling, or turn him down in favor of my usual type of saintly LTR-minded guys).

    So in a short span of a few minutes I rationalized that I shouldn't limit myself to a particular type of guy or a particularly "safe" way of beginning a relationship... and reciprocated his advances only after my other friends were out of sight, since I felt like a hypocrite. We spent the night and next day together, and it was so surreal that I had no regrets, even though I know my friends will find out soon.

    I know y'all gonna tell me there no shame in being a slut, but for some reason I feel the need to be validated lol.
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    Dec 01, 2013 5:43 AM GMT
    As long as you're happy you can do whatever you want.


    Ask yourself do you want this lifestyle or not?
    You seem like a sane person with LTR-orientation. Do you want to change it? It's fun now but are you gonna miss your old way?
    This is the starting point of a more [insert appropriate word] lifestyle, more or less. I believe casual sex is addictive.

    Yes, ask yourself, wait a week, a month, ask yourself again, or do it again, then ask yourself.
  • whytehot

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    Dec 01, 2013 11:33 PM GMT
    A lot of guys who claim to have the moral high ground when it comes to casual sex will abandon their own rules the minute someone hot enough comes along. You're just another cliché.
  • kuro

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    Dec 02, 2013 7:38 PM GMT
    It is normal, you are sexually grown up and single, the fact that occasionally you need sex does not mean you are slut. You are judging a bit too much yourself but I guess it is part of life experience.
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    Dec 03, 2013 2:39 AM GMT
    I'm surprised that my enablers are in the minority here haha. How do you define "slut" if casual sex doesn't make one a slut?

    I was hoping to have a brief fling with him while ostensibly attempting a relationship, but today he said that he's not looking for anything serious, so if we continue hooking up I can't even claim ignorance lol.
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    Dec 03, 2013 2:43 AM GMT
    gooddaytoday said...and befriended my friend (strictly platonic) through Grindr. ...

    This always happens...

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    Dec 03, 2013 3:02 AM GMT
    It does happen sometimes, when the guy just moved here from Europe, has no friends and wants to meet people with at least one thing in common. My other friend messaged him; he wasn't interested, but my friend was cool enough that the guy still wanted to hang out.
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    Dec 03, 2013 3:15 AM GMT
    In this case it really is ok to be a horn dog slut. Bang that Greek boy the way he needs to be taken. Just make sure you use a rubber so that yo9u don't get bugs.