Hi guys. Just registered on this site, so thought I'd post on the forum to say hi and introduce myself.

I'm a stocky UK lad looking to get to know other genuine guys for a date/relationship. I'm very masculine in terms of my behaviour and interests- love football, formula 1, languages and travel. I've recently got into playing as well with the aiming of dropping some weight, and would love to get down to 13 stone or so in the new year.

Generally I'm into other masculine guys, 18-30, who are physically fit/muscled. Dark hair or stubble is a bonus! I must admit that I'm not into the 'gay scene' at all, so if you love clubbing, good for you, but you're probably not the one for me.

Anyway lads, if you're the type of guy that likes chatting about the football over a pint down the pub, drop me a line. Looking forward to get to know you all icon_smile.gif