IE 11 + Chrome recent problems with YouTube

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    Dec 10, 2013 5:03 AM GMT
    ever since i installed Internet Explorer 11 for Win 7 x64, YouTube is very slow, or doesnt load or start at all, these dam adverts that start before the video does are a pain in the ass and im wondering if these 'skip ad' or full 20 second promos are affecting how YouTube works in a browser

    Google Chrome isnt working much better with YouTube, the video will start but stops all the time now, every few seconds
    Microsoft had this IE 11 update as a 'critical' one, everyone is being forced to update to IE 11
    Adobe flash player, i uninstalled and re installed and it didnt help at all
    everything working fine on my computer until i went from IE 10 to IE 11

    what is the problem here?, have you updated to IE 11 and are now experiencing video playback problems? Adobe flash player problem?, Chrome doesnt use flash player but the same problem is happening there too

    YouTube bandwidth problem again?
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    Dec 10, 2013 6:58 AM GMT
    This will change your life..
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    Dec 10, 2013 7:24 AM GMT
    OMG, what a fucking pain in the ass, I found and did this 'clean uninstall' flash player

    he forgot to mention how REBOOT is important, after uninstall and re install

    here is another fucked up flash player diddy I found, learn something new everyday icon_lol.gif

    after doing this (a couple times), system stabilized, IE and Chrome are back to normal, YouTube is loading and playing normal again in both, now if we can disable the dam adverts that capitalize on bandwidth and cause problems, I guess too much wishful thinking, anyway anyone with flash player problems, try these

    found this note, Googles built in flash sucks? that must me the pepperflash that gets a disable

    Feel free to uninstall Adobe Flash, because Google Chrome includes it automatically. The problem is, however, ^how to fully uninstall Adobe Flash, is a question that I have as well on SuperUser.

    I've heard (Unsure about this but quite likely) that its safer to have Adobe Flash on Google Chrome, due to the reasons below:

    Google is known for rapid updates for Google Chrome. This probably includes security fixes to Flash as well.
    Google Chrome has sandboxing as a core element of the browser. This may (unsure about the extent of this) include Flash as well.

    oh, I see

    Chrome browser on Windows fails to update embedded Flash player

    I disabled Google built in pepperflash, so Adobe flash direct install is being used for both IE, Chrome