Your perfect sex robot. describe

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    Dec 10, 2013 7:23 AM GMT
    So if they could invent a perfect sex robot, he would be fully functional, look, feel and mostly act like a willing bf (have an AI that makes him random enough to be like a hooker like you paid for sex) and they were affordable (say as common as a video game console). It wont be your maid or work, it is only for sex. Think Terminator as far as lifelike realism (but better accent)

    What would you have him look like (height weight or pic)
    What would your sex schedule be like.
    Would you use him with your bf?
    Would you watch your bf with his?
    Would you watch yours with his in a live robot porn show. lol.

    If I was single or days I was not with my bf...
    I would program mine for morning blowjobs in lieu of an alarm clock. And have him bottom for me Saturday mornings, and Tuesday nights probably.

    I would totally watch all 4 of us do nasty things. Spit roast my bf, and double fuck it. I would probably sleep with it at nights my bf is absent...I sleep better big spoon.

    He would probably be a pocket gay, or chris evans.
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    Dec 10, 2013 8:11 AM GMT
    The main thing for me would to be able to change his appearance as often as I wanted. Body, face, dick; whatever. Naturally, I'd use tumblr for inspiration.