Distinc.tt, Gay Social App For Ages 12 And Up, Approved By Apple

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    Dec 17, 2013 4:00 AM GMT
    Distinc.tt, Gay Social App For Ages 12 And Up, Approved By Apple

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    Dec 17, 2013 7:50 PM GMT
    "Apple iTunes though deeming the app suitable for “12-year-olds and older” has creating quite a firestorm on comment boards across the internet from anti-gay posters claiming that the app will be used by pedophiles and for other “degenerate” uses."

    If they truly wanted to make this non sexual, then why isn't it set up more like a computer meet-up website that parents of 12 year olds can monitor and instead set it up as a GPS app where kids can be preyed upon unprotected by their parents.

    I didn't realize socializing had progressed so far that it's become GPS-urgent for a gay 12-year-old to find another gay 12-year-old for a gay night out of gay bowling when on a family weekend away from home.

    Sounds like more marketing bullshit at anyone's expense to me. As if these kids socialize anyway and wouldn't just gaze into their individual phones at the bowling alley were this app actually meant for that.

    A few months back I had my nephew over entertaining his little friends. It was too quiet in his room so I accidentally checked in on them. Each one on their individual connective device. No, I don't mean mouths talking to ears listening. You've misunderstood. Yeah, right, these guys need an app so they can socialize.

    This strikes me as Distaste.ful consumerism sell any shit that will sell. Apple: the company that brought you suicidal employees now putting kids at risk for a buck.