We are moving well into one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time when Christmas bonuses are paid and I have always enjoyed "feathering" the check of the years top performers. I also recall being calibrated to certain views held by Real Jockers that were so eloquently communicated to me shortly after Christmas had passed a couple of years ago. (It is never a good thing for one to live in an isolated world.)

This time of year I am a big tipper. It is also a time of the year that, in a few countries, the last opportunity to make charitable -- and tax deductile -- contributions is approaching. I must admit that in my current location the need for such charity is far lower than I saw when my primary residence was in the U.S. Nonetheless it is charity time.

This year, if you are able to do so, where are you focusing your giving? In my book leading by example is often a good course to follow when one is in the giving mood.