23 year old having life problems. Regarding the heart break - Astrology to shed some light on losing his lover

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    Dec 20, 2013 3:18 AM GMT
    hello everyone. I'm a 23 years old boy, who lives a weird kind of life..from 2007 hitherto, my life looks like a roller-coaster..there are so many bad things that have happened..now i feel that things are calm down but there's still an inquietude that i can't get over..

    everything began when my father passed in 2007..i felt that the world fell apart...i felt lost and i found myself on drugs and alchool to escape the reality...due to the drugs i could not finish the high school, so i moved to another city to find work.

    I got the work but everything was not easy for me, i was mentally weak and due to the drugs, my performance at work was not the best, even more, the relationship with my boss and collegues was very stormy. In the same year, i lost my close friends because i told them that i'm gay, then they started to treat my unkindly and i felt depressed, lonely and disgusted with people in general..

    with all the pressure, unfortunatly i tried to commit suicide with pills, but (fortunately) i failed. The next years were terrible...i started to take anti depressants and anxiolytics but i didn't gave up on drugs and mixing everything wasn't good at all...

    suddenly i began to be obsessed with finding true love..so i fell on the darkness of promiscuity and the dates with people became almost daily routine..but it was very frustrating because i was searching love in the wrong places. The result of it was more depression, and months later i started to have panic attacks, paranoia and fear of being in the crowd so i isolated myself at home and lost my work in 2010.

    the year of 2011 was very intense, i found my current boyfriend, despite all the argues we had and the times we broke up, we're still together..but it was the year that i was diagnosed with Lupus which damage my life quality. He was very supportive and helped me get through my condition but

    he had to move to his native country to work and now i'm lonely and he's far away from me physically and emotionally...

    i'm afraid of loosing him because he was the best thing that have happend to me in last years. He says that everything is ok and soon we'll be together, but i'm not sure about it...looks like he's happy without me..

    sometimes there's weeks in which he don't even call me on the phone and this fact makes me think that he is just waiting for me to breake up the relationship..i feel that he's not brave enough to say goodbye.

    i read somewhere that my soulmate will be someone foreigner..i don't know if it's true but i'd be glad if so
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    Dec 20, 2013 3:19 AM GMT

    It's okay to stop crying and start getting strong.

    You are born in the Chinese year of the Metal Horse.
    He was born in the Chinese year of the Wood Ox.

    Horse is part of the Tiger, Horse, Dog trine.
    Second: Water nurtures Wood, Wood nurtures Fire, Fire nurtures Earth, Earth nurtures Metal, Metal nurtures Water

    It was a necessary love.
    It served its purpose.
    Both of you can move on to other blessed experiences of togetherness.

    The Horse and the Ox are combatants. Pick up the book Chinese Sexual Astrology by Shelly Wu.

    Now, I want to look at your charts.
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    Dec 20, 2013 3:20 AM GMT
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    Dec 20, 2013 3:20 AM GMT
    His Pluto on your Sun?

    "Because the nature of your relationship is deep, and because your connection to each other may seem other-worldly and hard to define, there can be downright explosive moments in your relationship. You may feel thrown off-balance now and again, fearing the loss of your partner, while he or she needs to take extra care to avoid trying to control the direction of your life. You draw out each other's dark sides, and there can frequently be battles of will between the two of you. There is a compulsive quality to your partnership that can be unnerving at times, and exhausting as well."


    Chiron on Mars?
    Look that up, Google/Bing Synastry and Mars conjunct Chiron

    Neptune on Uranus?
    Look that up, Google/Bing Synastry and Neptune conjunct Uranus. Then think through the retrograde of his Neptune.
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    Dec 21, 2013 4:16 AM GMT
    First of all, thank you very much for the attention. And yep, you're right, i need to go ahead and stop being so melodramatic. But i want to wait for him to tell me what he really feels..i just don't want to act so impulsively as i used to do. I already made a lot of mistakes which were hurtful to him in the past.

    The 2 first aspects you have mentioned were clear for me...i found a lot of interpretations in google, but the last one, the Neptune-Uranus conj. is a bit confusing...i haven't found an understandable interpretation..i can grasp that it's related to generational ideals, and something about the beliefs and utopy.

    and what do you mean when you say to pay attention to the retrograde of his Neptune? is his Neptune "working" in an opposite way?
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    Dec 21, 2013 4:20 AM GMT
    Then I replied:

    Look at that: his Mercury is on your Chiron.
    I didn't see that earlier.
    That's another one to check out.

    You have Uranus in the 5th?
    Uranus in the 5th.
    Basically: change in the house of fun, love and romance. Hm, your opening statement somewhat speaks to this and this shows how that episode was even possible.

    Uranus indicates our restlessness and what for us is individual, modern and thrilling. The house position of Uranus indicates where we desire free expression, seek to be different, and where things get turned upside down! Shocks, surprises, upheavals, freedom, independence. Uranus being a higher octave of mercury, like Neptune is a higher octave of venus. The house Uranus is in is where we seek to be different, want free expressions and where things get turned upside down.

    so in synastry it could express a few ways OR none at all.
    1) uranus person ends up being rebellious, awkward, difficult, needs freedom and independence
    2) neptune person keeps making sacrfices, likes creative things music, art, spiritual matters and uranus doesn't like these things and just enjoys being different and attracted to non mainstream things

    Neptune can sway us to live willfully ignorant. We all have particular fears and hangups we would prefer not to manage – maybe you overlook annoying monetary issues or tell yourself that your less-than-fulfilling sentimental relationship is precisely what you require. Chances are, Neptune is behind any reasons you develop to uphold these thoughts.

    Yet when Neptune goes regressive, it can feel like we’ve had a container of frosty water sprinkled on our appearances. Since Neptune’s dreamy edge typically permits us to gleam over repulsive truths (like Visa equalizations or warnings in our relationships), its prerogative regressive gives us the inverse: A cruel reminder.

    An alternate approach to contemplate this catalyzing universe sized occasion? Neptune Direct permits us to avoid outside elements as much as possible and escape into our own particular inward planets, while Neptune Retrograde makes the center interior, driving us to address any new dreams we’ve been enthralling so we can differentiate what’s practical from what’s excessively sentimental.

    Case in point, we should say you’ve been in a submitted relationship for numerous years, and its developed stale and feels less like enthusiasm, increasingly like propensity. Neptune Retrograde will compel you to demonstrate why you and your accomplice might as well still be as one, and in the event that you can’t re-touch off that unique start, you’ll feel the need to make a change.

    Then again, we should say you as of late fell head over heels for somebody you’ve known just a couple of months yet who you’re persuaded is your perfect partner … and the two of you have chosen to move in together. The point when dreamy Neptune tosses the lights on, you’ll need to ask viable inquiries.

    Obviously, just you can without a doubt answer these inquiries for yourself, and the magnificence of Neptune Retrograde is that it puts the weight on to re-assess. When you take some time to consider, you’ll either understand you were tricking yourself – or that you’re onto something that feels right.
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    Dec 21, 2013 4:22 AM GMT
    Two other replies:

    It is ok, ok to do or have done drugs, ok to be gay, others loss, not yours...be strong...its ok, smile young man, it will be ok...big hug

    2) progressed Sun conjunct Pluto, and I think you can safely assume the progressed MC opposite Pluto also took place around this year give or take year maybe. Things won't be intense like that anymore.