laugh so hard you cry

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    Dec 20, 2013 8:27 PM GMT
    so what makes you cry from laughing so hard?

    I had a laughing fit the other night, someone brought up a modern childrens doll that is actually fed then poops or pees, there was a similar doll my sister had growing up that did the same thing.

    I thought of this other 60-70's doll that my sister had, the annoying one that laughs, i looked it up on You Tube and the comments about this doll were so funny, i lost it. The commercial itself is Exorcist like, creepy little girls with bad teeth.

    Now the younger guys wont remember this demonic doll but the older guys with sisters might. It was creepy back then and its still making people creeped out now. It was ugly, annoying and would not shut up. I remember slapping it or throwing it against the wall and it would keep laughing, no matter how much you tortured it, it would still laugh, you didnt have to push the button, just throw it. I could swear, when it was put away in the toy box, you could hear it laughing until you pulled the batteries. When the batteries went low, the laugh slowed down and sounded even more demonic, like a scary clown. I am not sure what happened to it but i think the arms got torn off it and me or my sister cut its hair, not sure what my parents were thinking when they bought it for her, especially after watching the commercial

    I searched Ebay but could not find one

    funny comments: its good to cry laughing icon_lol.gif

    that thing is ugly´╗┐
    Hi, I'm Chucky wanna play?
    yes the CIA doped the water supply with LSD
    What if you hooked it up to a car battery??? What would it sound like!!!???
    this freakin doll is DEMON and the kids didn't laugh by them selfs the doll possessed the kids but before that when the kids turned around they were like wtf is that I would kill the doll if I were them
    "Batteries not included" Evil doesn't need batteries
    Was everyone on drugs back then?
    I think Baby Laughs A Lot is filling the room with laughing gas
    At night she changes into Baby Stabs-a-Lot
    hideous thing
    shes more creepy with low battery
    I would never buy this for my kid. Very bad product
    This is the most horrifying doll I have ever seen
    OMFG what's with the teeth on those kids?
    Make it stop!
    How could someone laugh at that toy if it's face looks evil? Well, No sleep for me tonight
    My name is Talking Tina and I'm going to kill you!!
    The power of Christ compels you!
    Sociopaths in disguise
    Brilliant career in horror films would follow for the director
    i would smash that thing after 10 seconds of listening to that piece of shit
    I would never turn that little abomination of sanity on
    Grab something heavy and beat the doll.... or run away....
    WTF did they actually manage to sell this thing??
    There's only one reason to laugh like that... when your mind has snapped and you are about to butcher your loved ones!
    holy crap, baby kill-a-lot
    ive never laughed so fucking hard in my life...nice one dude...holy shit im still laughing

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    Dec 20, 2013 8:34 PM GMT
    The old man never fails to make me cry laughing