Hey guys,
I seriously need to recommit to getting myself in shape and leading a healthier life. I've been thinking about what I can do to get myself on the right track and I've been seriously thinking about the Total Gym. I seen mixed reviews so I thought I'd try to get some advice some guys on here. Basically I want to shed pounds and gain lean muscle and nice definition. Also, I'm looking for something that I can use in my guest room in my condo.

Background: I've worked with some trainers in the past so I know so basics but I'm not comfortable going it alone in the gym (kinda shy, body shy too). I got a new job about 6 mos ago and I travel every week and only home on the weekends. Haven't exercised regularly in 6 mos coupled with eating out while on the road...not a great combo. 5'7 175# currently and really want to change that.

Goal: shed pounds, tone up and gain lean muscle. get into a realistic exercise plan and stick to it so that I lead a healthier life and feel better about myself.

Anyone any advice on the total gym? Other recommendations? I was hoping for low impact as my knee is inflamed and can't really run, do burpies, jumping jacks, box jumps etc without it hurting (went to a dr. nothing wrong with it, just inflamed he says...been that way for about 8 mos).

Really really would appreciate some good solid, realistic advice.

Thanks! Feel free to message me privately too.