Philadelphia: How to make like-minded friends in the area?

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    Jan 02, 2014 9:17 PM GMT
    I was hoping to get a bit of advice from the guys on here. I relocated to Philadelphia a couple years back for work, leaving a solid group of friends behind (although I keep in consistent contact with them). Still, the biggest problem I've faced in Philly is meeting decent guys to hang out with. And I honestly mean that in the most platonic sense.

    For example, back home, Sunday dinners together were a way we'd be sure we all had quality hangout time with each other. Even simple things like getting dinner together is something that I've begun to notice I'm missing (probably because I was doing all of this while I was home for the holidays).

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how to meet some quality friends? I'm certainly open. And if any Philly guys or guys in nearby adjacent areas see this, don't hesitate to message me.

    And, I apologize for any strange words that may have appeared. Auto-correct can be a vicious thing. icon_smile.gif
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    Jan 02, 2014 10:11 PM GMT
    Start out by finding "mainstream" groups where your interests lie. Chances are you won't be the "only one" there, because I (and RJ guys I've communicated with) roll the same way. We don't let our sexuality define how we enjoy our lives. And gay-specific clubs and organizations generally tend to be more heavily focused on gossip and scoping out the newbies than on the group's stated purpose, as opposed to mainstream ones. I speak from experience.

    You sound like a quality person who refuses to go the clubbing/Grindr route to meet others. We need more like ya!
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    Jan 03, 2014 12:30 AM GMT
    since you've been in philly for two years working, i assume you haven't found any friends at work? you say you want to meet like-minded people, but you didn't give any information regarding what you like. you may want to start with a meetup group in your area with aligned interests.

    i don't agree entirely with the above post, i think certain people (especially decent looking average to fit white guys) can easily meet other guys on grindr for friendships. however, you may want to rethink the torso shot and replace it with a selfie face pic or a pic where you're doing something of interest to you (like riding a bike or hiking) clothed with your face included. headless torso shots don't convey the message, 'hi guys, i'm looking for friends.'