Hi guys !

I was a rather fit / trim 20 something until I hit 28 and got married . Well that ended recently and I would like to get back my gym bunny body ... but Im not 28 anymore . I bought a bowflex because if I have to pay for a gym it aint happening , and if its far from me I wont go ... so it's here now and being set up tomorrow. I have met loads of guys that spend very little time on trim fit bodies but to get there they said they started slow ... so Im asking ... Where to start?

I also have an elyptical that needs servicing if anyone has an suggestions ... The Battery Corroded.

Anyhow Im looking to build Abs, Pecs, Delts Trics etc ... A lot of upper body because in the summer Im looking at going biking and blading through the mountains in Banff ....

If you have suggestions or are a bowflex guy let me know I need the guidance !! Phoenixx ... Calgary AB Canada