Do you have integrity, are honest and ethical? then why are you the bad guy?

For example, managers often hire people who are like them, think they are immune to conflicts of interest, take more credit than they deserve, and blame others when they deserve some blame themselves.
Translation= they hire people that are unethical as they are

My profession requires me to have a high degree of integrity but when that honesty interferes with the money making aspects of corporate or say management bonus and ladder climbing, my ethics and integrity take a back seat and I appear to not be a team player. A lot of corporate mantras are lip service to ethics just to appease the customer, so that the customer thinks they are not being deceived. I have found most employees want to do the right thing, but most management have difficulty adhering to the same principles that "leaders" set forth for the rest of the minions, does ethics and honesty not apply at a certain level?

So, when does greed over ride ethics? (I guess that is a oxymoron if you add in politics)
So, what would you choose if you were corporate? making a buck honestly, or cheat your way there?

My personal quote:
"I will never compromise my professional integrity"

So do I need to compromise more, lie a little bit, fudge, get the numbers up for the sake of shareholders..etc in order to fit in? this honesty business is a drag, I wish I could be more like many and just look the other way icon_sad.gif, I am having a hard time coping not being a deviant, but at least my conscience is clear, but a good conscience doesn't seem to pay the bills, icon_cry.gif