Potential Egyptian Transformation

  • PolitiMAC

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    Jan 15, 2014 3:01 AM GMT
    Hey guys, how's it going?

    Well, it seems like Egypt is changing. I think it's the closest to Westernised for a Middle Eastern country there is at this current time.

    Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, the leader of the military, hasn't displayed behaviour that can be said to be entrenched corruption like previous leaders and one of the new draft constitution writers, Egypt's previous Foreign Minister, has established that the constitution's main purpose is to strengthen the role of the President and Parliament in tandem to attain more stability.


    This article covers some of the negatives, such as perceived lacking of protections and liberties and giving interpretive powers to the courts, however, the following article;


    covers how the constitution, at least in its draft form, completely removed any Islamic interference and corruption of the legislature or judiciary, and if there is any form of it, as long as the law enforcement and legal fortitude stands, it won't be allowed to enter proceedings.

    One of the biggest things Egypt is growing in is the equal treatment of women. I've seen news footage of women being involved in the voting process both in the voting itself and the administration of counting the votes. I hoe that goes very far, which it looks like a trend is going towards icon_biggrin.gif

    Another interesting thing is how the military is not behaving like the typical Middle Eastern military in that they are not being corrupt dictators rushing for power, but are supporting fairness and equality for Egyptians on a large scale. Sure al-Sissi has signaled he will go for the Presidency, but I don't see that as a main problem. The Defence Minister being cleared by the military also makes sense to me.

    So in finality, it looks like Egypt is finally moving into the stages of Westernising and becoming a country that can be safe for tourists and citizens alike. Fully accomplishing this will take many years though, but I think it is finally moving in that direction. Thank fucking God icon_razz.gif

    PS: I will qualify this by saying that violence has been enforced thus far in regards to the voting on this new constitution, and apparently, a few people have died. This is definitely unfortunate, but those who are resisting believe in Sharia law being the legislative basis of their laws and would rather go back to corrupt Muslim Brotherhood dictatorships like Morsi. Hopefully, the deaths will stop and the Egyptian Transformation goes forward! icon_biggrin.gif

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  • CecilWitte

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    Jan 17, 2014 6:35 PM GMT
    The most western Middle Eastern country is Israel... because it is a western country. Maybe Lebanon.
    But I digress.
    In some ways I do see progress, such as clamping down on the Brotherhood, but I am still concerned about the Copts, the Egyptian economy, which has ground to a halt, and water shortages.
    Whenever a revolution occurs, a period of chaos ensues afterwards. Hopefully, the chaos will soon be finished. But what do I know.