even thought being gay doesn't/ shouldn't define me as an individual, coming out as a gay Arab is one of the most important junctures life experience that some of us dream of everyday, but due to our current situations can only cross our fingers an hope for that day when we are finally fully unified with our hidden lives. Coming out is a lifelong process of understanding and accepting your sexual orientation or identity.

coming to terms with the fact that i'm “different” is sometimes a mix frustrating/confused emotions .

A huge part of overcoming those negative feelings, as far as i'm concerned, was realizing that my own fear and desperation came solely from learned societal prejudices and the hurtful, anti-gay rhetoric that i'm being exposed to for most of my life.
from a very young age, society brainwashed me to believe that homosexuality was evil,in a society that assumes everyone is straight and often judges people’s differences in a negative way.

my fellow Arab gays, who're now hiding in their closets,need t know that, we owe none any apology. we're who we're, we had no choice.

Our friends and families in their cheer ignorance,may not want to accept us, and as a result many of us are embarrassed, unclear and uncomfortable with the idea of coming out to them.

However. regardless of your situation, always be proud of who you'r. be strong, and be clear about what you want to make with your life. because when you truly love and believe in yourself, others will follow.