Since this is so damned popular amongst some of my people I think I should examine it.
There are two types: The the ones waving black, yellow and white flags and praying to artless paintings while having a crucifix up their ass; And the neopagan/Aryan/thegodsarealiens fakelore, like the Book of Veles up their ass, waving swastika flags.
So the Christian ones go to the Field of Mars in St-Petersburg to beat up the gay rights protesters, and bring their kids along for the fun (father-son bonding, I guess), and then go to kiss Hilarion's hand and tell him, "mission accomplished." The pagan ones do the same, except with their inspiration supposedly coming from Perun (Thor).
What's with THIS?
(It says: Nothing to do? Be a Nazi.)

Seriously, they might as well just: