Why you can't run your Astrology Software on Windows 8 RT
(or your smart phone or iPad)

Microsoft is just in the process of releasing a new operating system called Windows 8.

Unfortunately, there is going to be a lot of confusion about it, because there are two distinctive versions of Windows 8 .

The first version to be released, called Windows 8 RT, will not run any Windows software! It is a stripped-down version of Windows designed to run on a variety of cheaper microprocessors more economically than a full version of Windows can.

So none of your Windows astrology software (or any other programs written for Windows XP or 7) will run on it.

(The same is true about your smart phone or iPad: they won't run any software except apps specifically designed for them.)

So please do not purchase a Windows 8 RT device (like a tablet) and expect to be able to run the astrology software you own.

If you really want to get the version of Windows 8 that will run your astrology software (and other windows programs), then wait until the true full Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro versions come out and make sure your new device has either of them installed on it.

If it says RT, don't get it!