LGBT tolerance growing in Jamaica, push to repeal of anti-gay law

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    Jan 20, 2014 7:55 AM GMT
    LGBT tolerance growing in Jamaica, push to repeal of anti-gay law
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    Jan 20, 2014 4:00 PM GMT

    *crosses fingers and hopes*
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    Jan 20, 2014 11:49 PM GMT
    As Maurice Tomlinson LGBT advocate said in response to this same article: it depends on who you talk to.

    Should be more like: LGBT tolerance growing in Jamaica, push to repeal of anti-gay law....BS! What is happening is, the politicians are going abroad and airbrushing our image as a tolerant society when its the exact opposite. When you take in account the amount of murders, abuse, persecution that took place against LGBT people in 2013 alone in Jamaica, this article is obviously a whack job.

    Jamaican's idea of being tolerant towards LGBT comes with compromise, don't dare express who you are, keep it to yourself (there is even a song by rabid homophobe reggae artiste Queen Ifrica name Keep it to yourself), yet even if you don't express or flaunt your sexuality, you are questioned, perceived and persecuted because you don't have a girlfriend, married, trailer load of women coming around or a bunch of children by different baby mothers.

    Sometimes I think Dane Lewis is a puppet for the PNP. No time during the campaigning was LGBT rights and issues brought up, it was only during the debate and to be honest, it was just a blip. Dane is making it sound like it was the Gays that made Portia and the PNP win. What made them win was simply corruption, the policies of the JLP which focused on economic recovery. Persons claimed JLP Government made cost of living expensive, yet we are now experiencing an actual expensive cost of living under the PNP Government while Portia racks her air miles.

    Just this weekend alone there was a huge concert called Rebel Salute where major artiste came out denouncing homosexuality to large supportive crowd.

    Here is a quote from Maurice Tomlinson's page about the event:

    QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HEREAnother popular Jamaica reggae festival, Rebel Salute, was held last weekend. The event is hosted by notorious Jamaican homophobic performer, Tony Rebel. Performers, like Rebel's partner, Queen Ifrica, used the platform to spout anti-gay lyrics.

    "Queen Ifrica was in scorching form. Ethiopian flags went up and lighters flickered when the Rastafarian singjay did Below the Waist, Lioness on The Rise, Genocide and Keep it To Yuhself.

    "From the other day, some people a act like dem no waan mi talk, but I believe in freedom of speech," she declared before performing Freedom of Speech and Straight Like Arrow.

    I Wayne lashed out at homosexuality, oral sex, and acts he considered "unrighteous"

    The event was sponsored by Jamaican business and tourism interests, including the island's major cell service provider, Digicel, which is owned by an Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien:

    The Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, as well as the Minister of Technology, were photographed attending the event to lend their support:

    There is obviously a lot of work yet to be done.

    Yes indeed. So lets becareful when we read articles like this, we don't know if its some paid Government Shill at Reuters writing this stuff.