Soluble Corn Fiber

  • metta

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    Jan 20, 2014 8:03 AM GMT
    I was just looking at a package of craisins that I'm snacking on and noticed that it has 'Soluble Corn Fiber.' I'm not familiar with that so I looked it up. According to this web site, it sounds like it is good for you:



    Soluble corn fiber can be used in bakery products, confectionary items, sauces, energy bars, chocolate bars and soups. The fiber can also be brewed for a cold beverage. Soluble corn fiber can be added to breakfast cereal to add nutritional value.




    Soluble corn fiber absorbs water during digestion and produces a gel-like substance that improves bowel movement by softening the stool.

    Insoluble fiber just provides bulk, whereas soluble corn fiber lowers bad cholesterol by binding to bile secretion and flushing the bad cholesterol out in feces.

    Soluble corn fiber strengthens bones in the body by offering whole-body bone mineral-content absorption and retention. It facilitates fermentation in the lower gut and dissolves minerals.

    Soluble corn fiber is good for health, as it prevents ill-effects of carbohydrates on the blood sugar level and increases insulin resistance. Insulin resistance prevents strokes, reduces the chances of artery diseases and type 2 diabetes.


    Soluble corn fiber is a short chain of fatty acids.

    A pre-biotic fiber, soluble corn fiber is clean-tasting, water soluble and available in both liquid and powdered form.

    Insoluble dietary fiber of grains is generally obtained from the bran and whole grain of the kernel.
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    Jan 20, 2014 6:10 PM GMT
    Preach it brothers ! agreed Uname2K the only reason we have high fructose corn syrup is our tax $ subsidies - its a total shame