So I just started attempting to eat for my workouts like pre/post and throughout the day. I'm eating around every 3 or so hours beginning with something light like Greek yogurt with fruit then a good hefty meal with a lean ground beef or lean thin steak(cooked correctly) with brown rice and a veggie, then a fruit with whole wheat toast and pb then a smaller meal of a meat source(see above) with a good carb and a veggie then another fruit with the toast again. Then I hit the gym and come back to a banana with a glass of milk. I work 12 hour shifts overnight. Not adding any supplements as of yet. I'm also currently doing the 12 week strength foundation routine. Also as a veggie I've been using black beans I know it's an additional protein but can you go wrong with protein. Sorry I know that may be confusing but I have to know if I'm doing this correctly or not. Omg please help : )