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    Jan 27, 2014 9:14 PM GMT
    So thought id share with you my weekly training vlog from my youtube channel. Here i talk all about what ive trained over the last week and give my thoughts on how things are going.

    If you want to ask any questions or want me to talk about anything in particular in my vids im always open to suggestions icon_smile.gif dont be shy i wont bite ;)

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    Jan 27, 2014 9:15 PM GMT
    So a week into 2014 and my training was already making good progress already achieving some of targets that i set myself in the last video. As aresult my targets evolve and i decide to also set myself some more short term targets for the next 3 months.

    I often believe this is the best way. Small steps forwards for consistent progress and its also often easier to visualise achieving those targets if they are smaller and more short term.

    The first one was bodyweight. Very important for all guys involved in strongman as it helps especially in the pulling events like truck pull. When you weigh 30+ stone sometimes all you have to do is lean lol

    So weighed in at 17st11lb aka 249lb (113kg) a big jump from 17st 4lb lol But i feel good on the new weight - im not out of breath or chubby etc... so all good. But targets must change. 18st still a good target but maybe within 3 months rather than the whole year - and 18st7lb by the end of the year.

    The other (very surprisingly) target that i smashed so early on (i set myself a 3month period for this) was on deadlift. Always been an awkward lift for myself but great progress as i got my 8reps on 200kg(440lb)!! So surprised to get this so early on. At the filming of this video i hadnt worked out a new target but as long as my back recovers it is now 3 sets 8reps on 200kg.

    Squat no progress yet as i hadnt trained it over the week. Just 140kg for 20reps by this point.

    Another and as it ended up my final attempt at getting 25reps on 100kg(220lb) flat bench press resulted in me getting 23reps. So a lil bit off my target but still an improvemnt.

    Regards seated military press i did ok. I attempted my nemesis of 120kg (at this point anyway) b ut failed but made up for it with 6reps and 5reps consecutively on 100kg. Little did i know that soon 120kg would no longer be my sticking point. But more about that in the next few vids icon_smile.gif

    So overall a decent week. Targets smashed and blown apart and new ones fresh in my mind.... i wonder how next week will be!
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    Jan 27, 2014 9:16 PM GMT
    So second week into 2014 and it ended up a really good one. I remember the beginning of the year as it was also the beginning of my medium phase - where i train sets of usually 5-10 reps and decent weights. Its impact on my body was really hard - in hindsight i think i trained too hard lol as going 100% every time eventually catches up with you and wrecks your body.

    But never the less here is how the week went.

    So another attempt at 120kg(264lb) which ive been stuck on for a long time. I made two attempts but unfortunately by this point it still eluded me. I remember it was a good attempt - my best yet but i got stuck half way up where the shoulders normally switch into triceps. So some more work needed at this point.

    As a result looking back at this ive recently started to train triceps more again. For a while now ive not done specific tricep exercises as ive always been really strong in this area - but both my bench and shoulder press are now at heavy enough weights where im going to need more tricep strength.

    I did however have a nice play around on 100kg(220lb) shifting out two decent sets.

    My best bodypart and fave lift on shrugs. Working heavy my first set on 320kg(704lb) wasa new PB of 23reps. Believe it or not this is actually a relatively light weight for me but i struggle to breath on it so cant see me doing many more reps on this weight in the future - but ill start doing more reps on heavier weights as i develop instead. This week i actually filmed a shrug workout and hope it to be available soon (1-2weeks time) so deffo make sure you check it out.

    Talking about heavier weights i went up to 350kg (770lb) for 5reps and an easier 40reps on 220kg to burn off

    Already well within my medium phase - much more than any other muscle group - is chest. Im really excited to see where i can get this too and cant wait to try for 200kg (440lb) at the end of my heavy phase which is about 4 or 5 months away. But in the meantime a simple workout of 3 sets of 8rep. That was it nice and simple.

    So finally making good progress on my squats making the most of my big legs. two workouts this week one where i did 12reps on 160kg(352lb) and my second workout of 180kg(396lb) for 6rep. Before my pb on 180kg was 1rep so huge progress here and its mainly due to a change in mentality.I go on the bar now with no fear telling myself that big men lift big weights! If i fail - so what - im flexible to rack it on the safety bar so as i say there is no fear!! Whowould believe that thatwould make such a difference lol

    Other than that nothing more that week. GINGER POWER!!
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    Jan 27, 2014 9:16 PM GMT
    So at this point the momentum of a great light phase seems to be carrying me through the beginning of my medium phase very nicely. Good combo of both strength and fitness cant wait to tell you how this week went icon_smile.gif

    So as i said in the video from the week before my intention was to work my shoulders this time on smith machine. Overall i find thesmith machine gives you an extra 10-20kg on your lifts depending on the make. However itsstill worth doing in addition to free weights as there are different handgrips you can use which you couldnt dream of on a free bar - such as wide grip press.

    Anyway ill show you what i mean about that in a bit. But first here what i got

    Smith machine
    100kg (220lb) 12rep and 10rep
    120kg (264lb) 1rep
    130kg (286lb) 1rep

    And then i worked it with a wide grip as i mentioned above. This is great for developing serious width and strength to your physique but can bust your shoulder joint - so beware!!

    Here is a vid of the german bodybuilder, markus ruhl, who i mention in my own video demonstrating what i mean.

    As you see he presses with his hands the full width of the machine and this helps isolate the weight onto the front delts more wheras the more narrow grip throws it onto triceps.

    So trained chest twice this week. With all the work focussed around the weight of 120kg (264lb). Here is the first workout of the week.

    120kg 3sets 8rep

    So simple but i believe that is how chest is done.I often think its easy to get lost in accessory movements(machines) but all you really need is compound lifts.

    And second workout of the week

    160kg (352lb) 2rep
    120kg (264lb)2 sets of 12rep 8rep

    SO above i took advantage of having a good spot. I always make sure that my spot understands not to touch the bar at al unless basically its crushing me lol. even if the spot lays a single finger on the bar during my lift i discount it as a fail as i can never be sure of how much they helped. I believe in RAW strength!!

    So as i said in big als week 2 i intend to train and build up my triceps a lil bit more seeming as they are now the limiting factor in my bench and shoulder press. I do triceps normally after either a shoulder or chest workout as i find that the compound lifts pre exhaust the smaller muscles in the triceps meaning that i get a deeper burn.

    The main exercises i rely on are push downs and French press (A form of skull crushers). Push downs i would say are the staple exercise of triceps - though i do prefer close grip press as i find its a better mass builder - but i cant deny that the majority of my tricep development has come from this exercise. French pres however is such a hard exercise and can really help stretch the tricep out whilst still working them with some seriously heavy weights!

    0kg (132lb) 8rep
    100kg (220lb) 6rep

    So this was an awesome workout this week for me! This is what i achieved
    8rep 200kg
    I supplemented this with both width and thickness work on machines.

    My fave workout of the week. A new PB and 4 reps better than last week. My overall target is 30reps on 180kg(396lb)
    But in the meantime this is what i got:

    180kg (396lb) 10reps

    Awesome week on the whole! Hope you enjoyed this new format to my big als week write up!

    GINGER POWER!!!!!!!
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    Jan 27, 2014 9:18 PM GMT
    Great thread! Welcome to RealJock!
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    Jan 27, 2014 9:26 PM GMT

    cant wait to talk to moreand more of you guys!
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    Feb 02, 2014 4:10 PM GMT
    So a whole month into 2014 and im continuing to make some great progress. I remember when i filmed this video that my body feltlike it was breaking down. Weeks of hard training were beginning to take their toll and the next week was when i picked up my back injury. I suppose a bit of overtraining but tbh i believe that its hard to overtrain providing you get enough sleep and food.... SOMETHING I WAS LACKING ON BOTH AT THIS POINT.
    Regardless here is a summary of the week

    Nice workout looking back on it. Simple but good reps on decent weights
    3 sets 10reps 120kg (264lb)
    8rep 120kg (264lb)
    3rep 120kg (264lb)

    And here is another but similar chest workout i did:

    So fitted this onto my chest workout so they would be pre exhausted. This is a great way of getting your muscles super strong and big - tire them out on compound lifts and then finish them off on smaller movements. As i said on the vid i did French press which is a variation of skull crushers - which are on a previous vid explaining thw difference. For me these are awesome!

    two ways to train biceps strict or not - but only one way to work them - BEAST MODE!!
    So this is still before i started to train negatives so loys of bar curls on heavy wrights but with swinging to get them up. Working on
    100kg for 6-8rep

    And here is exactly how i mean about bicep curls - theyre right at the beginning of the vid

    2x workouts this week and only 2 days rest in between so pretty intense.
    First workout saw me do on the squat
    200kg (440lb) 2 rep
    220kg (484lb) 1 rep
    Both the above were completely raw so no belt suit or wraps and 220kg a new pb!! I actually hurt my left hip a lil bit on 220kg so real bust a gut getting that. Target is still 240kg witjin 4months though.
    2nd workout of the week was
    3 sets 8reps 160kg... much simpler but loads of work
    And so a nice way to end the first month of the year.. woop woop GINGERPOWER!!
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    Feb 17, 2014 3:20 PM GMT
    So it was over these two weeks that i gained my lower back injury... it was actually at the end of the first week so the first half of this vid is me talking about how the first half went and then after that how i intend to change my training to acccomadate for the injury.

    Before my injury my training was still maintaining the momentum from my great week 4.

    For the first time ever i managed to get my nemesis on the free bar seated military press - thats right i got 120kg (264lb) for the 1st time. So pleased with this and since ive continued to get stronger. I often find that you get sticking points in weight training but once you get through it you make excellent progress until you reach your next sticking point lol.... so expect good gains in my front delt strength for a lil while.

    Continuing good lifts on my flat bench my workout before my injury was focussed around:
    130kg (286lb) 4sets 5rep and 4rep 1 set

    and following my injury
    140kg (308lb) 3sets 5rep

    So i managed to train legs twice before i gained my injury and got

    160kg (352lb) 3 sets 8rep
    170kg (374lb) 3 sets 5rep

    Since my injury i have not trained squats at all... still till this day though i intend to reintroduce it at the beginning of my heavy phase next week.

    INJURY -

    So i picked this up during my deadlift workout at narnas boxing gym. I actually filmed this workout and picked up my injury on my set of
    200kg (440lb) 6rep
    Interestingly you notice my back round half way through the set and i had my coach watch it for me and he like me believes its a muscle tear - prob why its healed quickly.

    Anyway give it a watch yourself and tell me what you think?!?

    So since then i have had to change my training around.
    2 days off to heal as my back spasmed and i couldnt even stand not alone walk for about 30mins. But no rest for the mighty i am determined for this injury not to slow my progress down so will build my legs and back up with machine work and will specialise in bench press for a lil while also.

    Regards my recovery i am totally inspired by an old school powerlifter called eddie pengelly

    eddie pengelli took his fingers off in a bench press accident - his response "gives me time to work my calfs!"

    This attitude truely inspires me and i will keep making progress!

    Since my injury this is what i got over the 2 weeks

    3sets 5rep 140kg

    3sets 5rep 100kg

    So not much yet but as youll see in my next video i heal quick and make some great gains. I even film my next workout - ARMS! which you can watch below if you want!

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    Feb 28, 2014 12:40 PM GMT
    weeks 7 and 8