My feeling is yes he went alittle overboard after the game but theres factors involved his history with crabtree the aderaline high after the game your caught in the moment after a big game like that does that make you a bad person no. Whatever happened to freedom of speech your not even allowed to talk smack now days without being fined or censored though there is a limit on what you should say and shouldnt especially on national TvBut Sherman didnt even cus or say anything that demeaning. I think he overreacted might have embrassed himself and his team alittle.But so did the NFL They shouldnt have fined him they want to make a statement taughting is not tolerated.Butthe media blew it up and now its made Richard Sherman Villian 101 in the NFL which defiantly hyped up the superbowl. In some ways he can back it up Richard had 8 picks this season and is one of Seattles best defensive players Richard also so hes not just a thug he went to Harvard hes a educated guy he made a mistake, The broncos are still going to win so if hes complaining about crabtree wait till he has to cover Decker,Welker, The Thomases and Knowshen just saying so let the game do the talking not his mouth.