SAN JOSE -- An Ohio-based company that sold alleged weight loss and body cleansing products will pay about $1.75 million in penalties and restitution for making false advertising claims, Santa Clara County prosecutors said.

The products included "AbGone," "Slim and Cleanse Complete" and "Colon Health Complete," said Yen Dang of the district attorney's consumer fraud unit.

"Basically, they claimed that the products were going to help people lose excess abdominal fat, reduce pot bellies," she said. "What we do is ask them to substantiate those claims and they were unable to do so."

More than 13,000 of the kits, costing $29 to $49, were sold in California between 2006 and 2010, Dang said. Claims for the products included ridding the body of toxins, relief from headaches, constipation, gas, parasite infections and bad breath, along with weight loss.

As part of the settlement, Suarez Corporation Industries will pay $950,000 in civil penalties and $796,000 in restitution, Dang said.

The civil matter was filed in Alameda County Superior Court in June 2011. Dang said the company had been the subject of prior legal actions and in 2006, a group of California district attorneys got an injunction against the company specific to AbGone, which contained amounts of lead above what is legally allowed.

Defense attorneys for the company could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

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