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Philip Seymour Hoffman dies, (2/2/14, 1:50pm):

Phillip Seymour Hoffman Dead, (2/2/14, 2:10pm):

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died today....., (2/2/14, 2:31pm):

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, (2/2/14, 2:38pm):

Gone but not forgotten:

Paul Walker of "the Fast and Furious" killed in car accident. (11/30/13, 10:11pm):

Paul Walker Dead at 40 (11/30/13, 10:28pm):

'Fast and Furious' star Paul Walker dies in car crash at 40, spokesperson for actor confirms (11/30/13, 10:47pm):

Actor Paul Walker killed in car crash (11/30/13, 11:00pm):

Paul Walker Died in Car Accident (11/30/13, 11:17pm):

Paul Walker Death Hoax Becomes Reality (11/30/13, 11:41pm):

'FAST & FURIOUS' Actor Paul Walker DIES (12/1/13, 2:24am):

Amy Winehouse Found Dead in London Home, (7/23/11, 11:33am):

R.I.P Amy Winehouse!, (7/23/11, 11:54am):

Amy Winehouse found dead in her London home, (7/23/11, 2:20pm):

Amy Winehouse died, (7/24/11, 12:10pm):

Amy Winehouse- it's been two years since her death, (7/23/13, 3:40pm)

"Michael Jackson is Dead" Video Shoots Down Media, (6/25/09, 2:43pm):

Michael Jackson Dead at 50, (6/25/09, 4:58pm):

Michael Jackson Dead at 50., (6/25/09, 5:00pm):

Did'ya Hear? Michael Jackson Died, (6/25/09, 7:46pm):

Heath Ledger Found Dead, (1/22/08, 5:15pm):

DEATH OF HEATH LEDGER, (1/22/08, 5:35pm):

Heath Ledger is Dead! wtf?!?, (1/22/08, 5:44pm):

Heath Ledger Is Dead!, (1/22/08, 7:01pm):

So heath Ledger is dead..., (1/22/08, 8:17pm):

Heath Ledgers funeral to be picketed by sickos!, (1/23/08, 12:31pm):

My Tribute to Heath, (1/25/08, 9:39am):

Heath Ledger died of prescription overdose, (2/6/08, 11:05am):