A group of former coaches, wrestlers, and businessmen has formed an organization called the National Registry for Wrestlers, aimed at promoting wrestling in the US at the collegiate and international levels. They're acting primarily in response to wrestling almost being dropped from the Olympic Games (and it's still in jeopardy, since it's no longer considered a "core sport").

The first step of their plan is simply to build a database of wrestling fans, to show the world how many people are interested in the sport. "We are wrestlers, hear us roar" - that kind of thing. Their goal is to have a million names in their registry by the end of 2014.

If you want to help promote wrestling as a collegiate and Olympic sport, you can sign up here:

You can also win T-shirts, hoodies and jackets by getting your friends to sign up! Just create a promo code for yourself when you join the registry, and have them enter it when they join. My promo code is denny321, in case you don't have anyone else's to enter...

Oh, and... their website has a nice schedule of all collegiate wrestling TV broadcasts for this season. Mostly Big Ten Network and PAC-12 Network, but ESPN always covers the NCAA nationals in March.

Who doesn't want to see smokin hot, muscled-up college boys tussling on the mat?