A United Nations panel has criticized the r.c. church for, among other things, shielding child abusing priests and trying to cover up their crimes. But the panel didn't stop there. It went on to fault the R.C. church for its opposition to abortions under all circumstances and its denial of human rights to homosexuals.
It's about time that people and world organizations stood up to the r.c. church and its antiquated and dark ages teachings. Well, their response was predictable. It said that "the report was an attempt to interfere with Catholic Church teaching on the dignity of the human person...." ad nauseam. If they (the R.C.) want to dignify the human person, they should stop trying to deny human and civil rights for gays and demonizing and punishing us when we're not catholic and wish to live our lives according to our religious, moral, reasonable, and logical beliefs. They should refrain from forcing catholic dogma on civil law. They talk hypocritically about "social justice," but they're always fighting social justice for gays.