Warm Spring, Virginia

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    Feb 09, 2014 6:03 PM GMT
    Just wanted to let you in the nearby area know about the great time me and 4 of my friends had this past weekend in the Jefferson Baths (mineral baths, not a gay bath!) icon_rolleyes.gif in Warm Springs, Virginia. http://www.discoverspas.com/Virginia/artvajeffersonpools.shtml

    We arrived around 2pm after a great lunch at "Food and Friends" in historic downtown Lewisburg, WV.

    I won't go into the reasons someone broke their wineglass stem....but we each get relaxed in different ways.icon_wink.gif

    From 2pm to 5pm on weekend (maybe weekday too. I didn't check) the spa is for men only, clothing optional.

    There were only 3 guys in the water (six foot deep mineral spring stone bath pool about 20 feet across) inside a wooden structure that was built around 1789 according to the attendant. Towels are provided and private changing rooms, too. By the time we were thinking about getting out there were 14 guys, some arriving only a half-hour before closing, but they seemed to enjoy it, too.

    Four young men (I'd say 20s) with a older 'Coach" looking gentleman arrived and after entering the water for about 5 mins, the bathing suits came off.
    No one leered (well, there were 2 bears there...they couldn't stop being lookie-loos!) and everyone seemed to relax and enjoy male camaraderie.

    The Bath has a 'massage' area where you go down some steps and the attendant releases a wooden paddle/stopper that lets the water from the pool cascade onto your back as you stand there for 5 mins. Invigorating, I was told. I didn't try it, preferring to instead lounge with 'noodles' in the steamy, warm waters.
    The water did drop about 2" total in the pool after 4 or 5 guys tried it, but within 30 or 40 mins it had filled back up.

    One guy I talked to (QUIETLY!! hehehe..they ask that you whisper to preserve tranquility) was from Raleigh, NC and was there with his fiance, since they wouldn't be able to have Valentine's Day next weekend due to their work. He had skied all day while she did the art & craft local shopping thing and was getting a hot stone massage at The Homestead Resort, which owns the Jefferson Baths about 5 miles away. They run a shuttle service between the two.

    After a very relaxing float in mineral waters so dense that you float with ease, we headed to Waterwheel Restaurant at Gristmill Inn nearby for a fantastic dinner and wine selection. A few hours drive back in gentle falling snow somehow capped the evening off.


    I recommend it heartily.
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    Feb 09, 2014 6:05 PM GMT
    I posted to the Travel Section...dunno why it's posted here. icon_neutral.gif
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    Feb 09, 2014 6:12 PM GMT
    StudlyScrewRite said I posted to the Travel Section...dunno why it's posted here. icon_neutral.gif

    Doesn't matter what section you go to to post, you have to SELECT the section from the drop-down menu above the posting fields. DUMB forum structure.

    Anyway, SOUNDS WONDERFUL! All of it sounds delightful. Very envious! Thanks for telling us about it. icon_biggrin.gif

    ETA: There is still time to copy your posting, and re-post it in the proper section then delete this thread. Once three (I think it is) replies happens, you can't delete a thread.
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    Feb 09, 2014 6:34 PM GMT
    Thanks, Mike. I thought I had chosen "Travel" but I do have an persistant cat on my lap, too! LOL She walks on the keyboard if I don't pet her right away.

    I copied and pasted to TRAVEL. Too late to delete this one, it seems.

    Shoulda double checked.icon_redface.gif